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    Lesbian Female / 54

    Love at first site.

    When I graduated from college I moved to be close to my college boyfriend. He is older and was already working and he talked about this girl who worked with him, he called her his work wife. One day he asked her to meet us for lunch at a restaurant in the mall. She came and was formal, giving me her hand, and he was formal and there was no hugging or kissing. She sat across from us and we talked business, his business, and just a little of personal stuff.

    Moving on, Christmas party at his work. He takes me and sits me beside her, he leaves us alone most of the night, going from table to table to chit chat with other coworkers, working the room. At this moment, I don't even know how the moment happened, I reached and took her hand to ask her a question, I held her hand on the table and we continued to talk and talk and talk and I still held her hand. She never took her hand away, and I learned she was single, no boyfriend ever, not interested. Our shoulders were touching, not because we were crowded, we were just close and our faces were an inch from each other and I could smell her perfume, her face was right there and I just kissed her lightly on the cheek. It was an impulse thing, our hands had turned over and our fingers were interlocked, her thumb running up and down my thumb.

    The little kiss on her mouth and we got up to go the restroom. I line we held hands, the restroom was full with only two stalls and she let me in with her and she sat down for her business looking up at me. When she was done we changed places and I sat down while she looked down at me and fixed my hair. We went back to our table, we never talked to anyone else, our hands together on her lap.

    When it was time to go home I asked her if she wanted to come and stay with us instead of going back to her apartment. She wasn't sure but I looked at her and told her I really wanted her to come with us I did not want the night to end. He made love to her not me. She slept with me not him. We spent all morning in the kitchen the next day fixing a lasagna for lunch. At one point we were facing each other and she leaned in and I kissed her on her mouth, it was a long kiss, her lips opened for me.

    After lunch she took a long nap with me, she touched my boobs and asked me if they belonged to him, I touched hers and asked her if her boobs belonged to him, same thing when we touched our faces, our legs and touched our nether parts down below. Always the same answer, I guess they belong to him. During our nap we kissed silently and held hands and when we were asleep we slept next to each other.

    In those days two women who expressed love to each other was not usual, and certainly not in public. It was easier to be two women with a common boyfriend that two girls in love. Living with him raised questions, but not like what we saw with other women couples or worse if they were men couples.

    We lived our life in the closet for a long time, we lived with him and he 'tolerated' us, but demanded that we be close to him and we were. Now today, he is passed and he left us comfortably well off and we travel a couple of times a year and no one asks about two women who are together, married to each other. We are out of the closet now, but we lived almost all our adult lives behind closed doors, being close to him.

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    Sounds like you two were his whores?

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