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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My mother used to beat the shit out of me, I spent most of my life being afraid of her, I'm still afraid of her.

    Came home from school one day, she didn't say one word, just grabbed me and started beating on me, for about 20 minutes she hit every part of my body, I'm almost 32 now and I still remember how horrible it was.

    She should have never done that to me, crazy mean psycho angry bitch.

    I'm a fucked up woman who has led a fucked up life, thanks mom for making me fell like shit and for giving me a life where I needed abusive friends and I would cling to these bitches in a miserable attempt to make me feel like someone cared about me.

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    My life has been ruined by these hateful people, sometimes I wished I was dead
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    If your mom still alive the best thing to do is stay away from her and maybe you should confront her first,Maybe not a good idea if she is exremley violent.Mine was verbally abusive.Your mother should have served time and you should have been with aloving parent figure like everyone deserves.Try to make your life better but if those memories won't stop find a couneslor so you can talk your self out.
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    She wasn't even the most abusive person in my life, my fathers hateful drunken wife was emotionally abusing me, between the 2 of them, I don't know what was worse.

    I just know that it all still hurts.
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    My life is pretty fucked up to and I blame my old man for that. I use to get almost weekly bare ass beatings with a strap from the old fart, usually over simple shit like my room being untidy or being late coming home from school. I could never seem to please the fucker no matter how hard I tried. The strappings went on up until I was 19 and finally moved out of the house. I was so happy to get my ass out of that hell hole but then due to money problems I had to move back in a few years later. And wouldn't you know it, the strappings started again. My old man said if I lived under his roof I had to play by his rules. Finally at 24 I moved out for good. I told myself I'd rather starve on the fucking street then to live anymore at home.
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    From original poster

    You should have used that strap on him, but I know how it is to live with that kind of shit.

    My fathers hateful wife was actually worse than my mother (hard to believe but true) my mother beat on my body, but his hateful wife broke my self esteem, everyday she called me a stupid lazy whore, I was about 10 when this all started maybe younger and I believed it.

    I'm not exaggerating or making any of this up, I still shake with rage or sometimes cry because of these ghosts in my past.

    My father just loves abusive women, and I used to cling to abusive friendships even when they treated me like shit.

    I'd rather be homeless than go back to that shit!
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    First poster - My mom was like that too. :( I'm 34 and have had all the abusive relationships you talk of. I'm also agoraphobic, have panic disorder, ocd, ect. I wish it would go away. I don't know what to say to you to make it better because I don't know what to say to myself either. Just know that at least others understand what you are going through and can empithise. I wish you luck, I really do.
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    "I wish you luck, I really do."

    Thank you, it does help to at least know that I'm not the only one who battles these memories everyday. I get tired of hating the people who abused me, but I just want to know WHY it happened, I know I never deserved any of it, I was a fucking scapegoat for my fathers abusive women!

    I want to let go of the hate and just move on, but I don't know how, for both you and me I can only hope that we escape the ghosts and someday have a better life, good luck to you to and don't give up :)

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