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    Gay Male / 53

    I found out when I was a kid that if you hung out at the movie theaters men would ask you sit with them. I loved having them grab my cock and they let me grab their cock. Sometimes I sucked them and sometimes they sucked me. Usually when they sucked me I had an orgasm. Most of the men dealt with it and one even kissed my mouth so that I could get some of my own. I loved going to the movies in the afternoon, it was a quarter to get in and I could stay all afternoon.

    I was in the movies just lately and I was sitting watching a movie, I always go alone because my wife is working and this man came and sat beside me. The movie was pretty empty. Once the movie got started he pulled out his cock and started masturbating. I looked at his cock in the light of the movie and took his cock in my hand and jerked him off. He came pretty quickly all over his shirt and when he was done he got up and left. I started to go to the movies at that theater in the afternoons and he came and sat beside me again the following Thursday. As soon as he got his cock out I took it and got it hard for him and bent over and sucked him for a few minutes. I jerked him off for a few minutes and bent down and sucked him again jerking him off until he had an orgasm in my mouth.

    The following afternoon I was in the men's room and he came and stood beside me and showed me his cock. There was no one else in there so I took his cock in my hand and did my best to jerk him off but he didn't reach orgasm. We went into the movie and when it was all quiet down he took out his cock again and I sucked him and jerked him off until he had an orgasm. I love the taste of cum and his is strong and the consistency floats between my teeth, somewhat like slick snot. He didn't leave this time and he sat there and after a few minutes reached over and I let my cock out and he jerked me off. This time I went home with wet pants.

    We meet on Thursdays when he is off from his job, that Friday was extra because he took off to come to the movies. He lives nearby and we took the bus to his place and we had some of the best sex. It was so good to get back into it, he knows what he wants so I go along. Next time I taking some condoms and KY with me to see if he is interested in taking a ride. It has been a very long time since I felt a man on my back, I do like sucking cock but I could use a man on me right now, I could really use it.

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    Cool experiences. I was treated to man cock quite young and my first mouthful was similar to swallowing an oyster. Salty, thicker than snot and the experience made me blush resulting in my first wet juicy lip kiss, because he thought me blushing was so cute. I gave him my ass too. Tummy down leg's spread for my first wife eyed penetration. I love it!

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