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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    I wish I had a quarter every time I let my best friend fuck me up the ass back in our school years. The first time .we tried it and he actually got his dick stuck in my ass we were about 8 or 9 years old and I can still remember laying face down on my bed in the pitch dark room holding my young ass cheeks apart while he tried like hell to penetrate my tight young asshole. As soon as he did right away I knew we would be trying this often if he wanted to.
    He just laid on top of me with his dick in my ass and we talked quietly then he tried to fuck me but got too excited. Neither of us could cum at that age but it sure felt damn good. We lived in a small rural town so we damn sure never shared our nasty little secret with any one. Almost every day at least once if not several times he fucked my ass and once we started to shoot a little cum it felt even better when he came in my ass and I was always asking him to fuck me and we fucked a lot.
    Of course there was quite a bit of oral sex and we both liked sucking each others dicks and almost every time if we were in a 69 we couldn't stop and would always swallow each others cum. We both didn't mind to swallow and did most of the time. In the 9th grade he told me he knew of one of our friends that wanted to do it with us. At first I was mad as hell but he kept talking to me until I cooled off and later down in the woods with his dick in my ass after he had just came in me I agreed to at least try it.
    The next weekend we camped down on the creek and late that night we were all naked in the tent and for a long time that night they took turns fucking me and it was great and I didn't want it to stop. Once during the night they fucked me at both ends and both came like crazy in my mouth and up my ass. I had cum dripping out of my ass all night long and about daylight they both decided they wanted my ass again. For several years the three of us were always together and they fucked me all the time.
    Once we all started driving and had pickups and cars we would ride around on weekends and fuck out in the woods and any place we could find. On weekends we would ride thru the country after dark and they would take turns fucking me and driving while I laid naked in the back seat. When we got a couple years older we could but beer at one store in town and we liked to go out in the country to several spots we knew and they liked to watch me walk around naked drinking beer and after several beer they always liked to tie me up and fuck the hell out of my ass and see who could cum in me the most times.
    When we were drunk and they had me tied up sometimes bent over the tailgate of my pickup with cum dripping out of my ass they liked to stick the neck of the beer bottles up my ass and fuck me with them and I liked it and still today if I am out in the woods drinking I like to jack off and shove my cum up my ass and fuck my ass with a beer bottle or two and eat my cum with my ass full of long fat beer bottle.
    I have done many other things in private and some things you might not believe I really did but I have always liked being horny when I get naked and my ass brings me a lot of pleasure and I have so very kinky desires that not even my wife knows about.
    I was out in the woods in one of my very private places back in the mountains and I was buck naked with my ass lubed up drinking beer and using a few of my toys and I was on the ground on my hands and knees with a fairly large dildo deep in my ass and I was jacking off and had just shot a big load in my hand and after a taste I reached back and smeared the rest around the dildo in my ass and began to fuck my ass really deep and hard and out of no where came this big black and brown dog and before I knew it he was licking my ass and softly biting at my ass around the toy deep in my cum covered ass.
    Once he had me all worked up and excited I pulled the toy out of my asshole put my bare chest in the cool grass then reached back and spread my ass wide open and he really went to work on my ass and continued to bite me softly and lick my asshole like crazy and he stuck his hot tongue deep in my ass many times and just as I was about to cum I reached between my legs and pushed my dick out between my legs and as he was licking my pre cum off my dick I started to cum like never before and he cleaned up every drop and chewed on my dick softly like he knew not to hurt me. I drank a couple of beers thinking about what had just happened and he kept smelling of my ass and licking around on my dick and I laid face down and spread my legs and held my ass cheeks apart as he went right back to eating my asshole and after awhile I rolled over and he worked on my dick and licked my pre cum up then once again I rolled over and stuck my ass up and spread myself open once again and he started to fuck my asshole with his huge hot tongue and I kept pushing my dick out between my legs and he would lick it and take it in his mouth and I had my eyes closed enjoying ever second of what was happening when he mounted me and his big hot dick was all over my ass and between my legs and it even poked at my asshole several times then I lost my mind it felt so good and I moved my ass to just the right angle and his huge hot dick went up my ass all the way and he was fucking me like a jack hammer and it hurt a little but felt much better than it hurt and I liked it a lot but thought to myself I had to stop this but he kept fucking me harder and harder and cum was pouring out the head of my dick and I kept putting my hand under my dick to catch my cum and eat it as fast as I could.
    I thought what the hell no one will ever know about this just let it last as long as it can. I was getting very weak and my asshole was numb from being fucked for so long and fast and hard. I couldn't believe what was happening and told myself to just let it happen and then he really pounded my ass hard a few times and I began to yell out a bit in pain as my asshole was stretched out to the max and then I felt him start to cum like crazy and he was going crazy on top of me yelping growling whining and dancing on his back feet as he continued to cum in my ass and it was very hot and shot out with a lot of force then he calmed down and began to move around then got turned ass to ass with me and tried to pull out but it hurt like hell so I backed around with him for about 20 minutes or so until his knot went down enough that it could be pulled out of my asshole and once it came out there was a river of cum running out of my ass and it felt like my asshole was wide open as he turned around and began to eat my asshole out and lick his cum out of me. I laid face down in the cool grass and held my ass wide open and let him lick eat and chew on my asshole all he wanted to.
    He even humped on my ass a little and seemed like he was going to fuck me again and his big redish purple dick was out and ready and it felt great on my ass but he never stuck it up my ass again until about 2 hours later and quite a few more beers and I let him fuck me again and it was even better than the first time. I never seen him again but I think about it often and I think I might try it again if I ever got the opportunity because nothing ever felt so hot and so wild as being naked way back in the mountains half drunk with a huge big dicked dog fucking your asshole until you want to scream with his huge knot stretching your asshole while he shoots a huge hot load up your ass until you feel like you are going to explode then when he finally pulls it out of you a huge stream of cum pours out of your ass and you feel like you have been fucked by a group of big dicked men.
    I have never tried this again and I think it is because I have never had the opportunity again and not get caught but I really do think I would like to try it some day. Its like nothing I have ever experienced since then. No one on here knows me and I just had to share that once I ran across this site.

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    Its worrying that the same 40 year old fat disgusting slob is still on here writing this sick bullshit hoping to wank off to the comments , for fuck sake get out and get a life you blubbering fuckpig.
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    Hey ! shit head!! if you cant say something nice shut the fuck up!!! You must be fat and disgusting too if you read the damn story. Maybe my opinion of you would be some one who likes reading "SICK BULLSHIT" Take the dildo out of your perverted asshole and stop eating your own cum and read the straight stories. SHUT THE FUCK UP!! DICKHEAD!!

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