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    Straight Male / 35

    I need a chubby girl, and have for a long time now. I have to stroke your round face, suck your soft tots, squeeze your large ass, lick your thighs and stomach and neck, taste your sweet mound and pussy. You're my fat princess and I want you. Now. I want to make you smile, lift your chin up and kiss you, make you laugh so that beautiful round face lights up only for me. Dress you up, show you off, jealously take you home night after night and have you like a slut, hold you like my lady when we're done. Stroke your hair off your blushing sweaty face. Tell you it's going to be alright, fall asleep in my arms.

    I'm in the Memphis, TN area. If you're ready, I'm here and can't wait any longer. I need you. And you're beautiful, just in case you need a little pick me up while you're waiting to see me.

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