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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 33

    No amount of hiding away from the truth, will disguise the fact I'm a married slut who just cannot resist a man with a big thick meaty cock. I tried, believe me I tried to give up my old sexual ways. But once Phil my husband introduced me to his boss in the midlle of last year at a barbecue we held, and told me it'd benefit him greatly if I kind of flirted with him, I went much much further and had my husbands boss fuck me. My husband was cooking all the food for al of our guests as I bent over our bath tub and took his gorgeous cock from behind.
    A week later I did the same, but in his car as my husband worked only a few hundred yards away in his office. And his boss isn't the only one to have fucked me since then. As soon as those flood gates opened, so did my mouth and legs, and I just cannot keep myself from allowing men to fuck me.
    I love cock, always have, and I think even being married, I always will. My husband is a good man, yet he cannot match my sexual appetite and he certainly cannot match the cock size of the men who now take me when they want.

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    no shame in your game, your just open about having more sex than what you can get at home.

    I never call a women a slut because we man can be sluts to in our only way, The different

    between a man being a sluts is that we will fuck any women big or small, I should know after

    30 years of marriage i am trying to fuck all the women i see because i am not getting enough

    pussy at home. So in my own way be safe and fuck on.
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    So basicly you are a cum dumpster on legs.
    You pussy is a sloppy gaping spunk bucket overfilling with mens cum .
    I would be surprised if you have not got a drip tray on your tunnel of a c unt.
    If you are not happy just leave. Stop acting like a whore
    No doubt your asshole is like a clowns pocket as well.
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    Never fails, once the flood gates open...
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    Do you have a regular list of fuck buddies? Or are you constantly on the prowl for new big cocks?

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