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    Straight Female / 33

    I have a weakness for a certain type of man. The times it has happened the man has come on to me first. For example, I was working for a food service delivery company, I was in accounts receivable and my job was to chase down customers for payment. In this business many of the customers were small restaurants. This one restaurant that in the end always paid but never on time I had to follow up with all the time. I got to know the restaurant owner. I was at his restaurant early one morning before he opened asking him to settle his bill, he owed for several deliveries. We were standing side by side at the counter and then he put his arm around my head and held me in a head lock. He held me for a long time, probably a couple of minutes. The thing is I liked being held like that, it felt good being held against him. I didn't complain I just went back to pointing out the deliveries that he needed to pay for. His arm went up my back and he had me again in a head lock and this time he was patting my face and talking to me in baby talk and he got his zipper down with his other hand and he got his cock out and after a little bit of time he got hard and told me he wanted me to give him a blow job. There is something about a cock that I can't resist, how he knew that I couldn't resist I don't know but he got his blow job and more. That morning I didn't want to only have his cock in my mouth I wanted him to cum and he did. His bill paying never changed, he was always late but in the end he paid. What changed was that I went to see him and to have sex.

    I don't lie to myself, I have a weakness for being with certain men and I am attracted to certain types of men. For example, some overly pale art type man does not attract me, neither does a jogger or a tennis player type. I don't go for musicians either. I go for men in the forties or fifties who are aggressive, I don't like passive men. I can say that from the very first time I have been attracted to that type, forty, aggressive, middle eastern or mediterranean types, who seduce me, corner me and I submit to them. My very first one was a butcher at our local grocery store.

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    Has the owner progressed to fucking you? Taken all of your holes?

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