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    Straight Male / 42

    A few months ago I moved into a new house. Nothing grand, but I love it. I used to live with my girlfriend, then after she left, I had a roommate. It's been nice to have a place all to myself. Its been a long time since I've lived alone. Anyway, I admit that I'm a chronic masturbator. I love jerking off. I watch a lot of porn and always have, even when I wasn't single. So, I've settled into my new place and love the freedom of stroking whenever the urge hits. One day, 2 weeks ago, I was lounged back, watching porn, my cock in my hand when I caught a glimpse of the mailman walking onto my porch. I never really gave him much thought before this, but I got a bit nervous about being "caught in the act". My mailbox is on my porch, and I have no curtains on my nearly all glass front door. I sort of froze and just watched to see if he could actually see in. It kind of looked like he could, and for a second I thought he looked right at me (or the TV with porn playing), but he dropped off the mail and left without incident. I've never been one for exhibitionism, especially geared toward another guy, but the next day, I decided to cue up some porn and intentionally get caught. Fortunately he comes by around the same time everyday, and on this particular day, he definitely hesitated and peeked in. I pretended not to notice, just slowly stroked my swollen cock. I admit, it was hotter than I thought it would be. I had to work the next day, but the following day, I thought I'd give flashing the mailman another try. He was right on time again, but this time, he blatantly stopped and looked in; shield his eyes to see through the window better. He watched for a few minutes, then slowly turned and left. I came so hard.
    This little adventure happened a few more times, but last week things escalated. I set the stage for him again and there he was, right on time. He stepped up on the porch and again peered in through the glass. He watched for several minutes and just when I thought he was going to leave, he knocked.
    I got kind of nervous and slowly stood up. He's already watched me a few times, so I dared to answer the door naked with a solid cock on full display. I nervously said hello when I opened the door. He smiled, just as nervously, and quietly asked what the name of the porn I was watching was. I told him and he thanked me. I threw caution to the wind and asked if he wanted to come in and he said no, that he wasn't into that kind of thing. I admitted that I wasn't really either, but I've been curious about jerking off with someone else. Again, he politely declined and then left.
    The next day, I saw him coming and instead of just sitting there jacking off, I opened the door and handed him the DVD he asked about. He looked shocked and thanked me. He nervously asked if he could stop by after his route and I agreed. That night he came over and we jerked off together.
    Its been great getting to know him. We've jerked off together several times now. Never crossing any lines or anything, but just two dudes, watching porn and stroking our cocks.
    I really love my new house.

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    Thatâs awesome i want the same thing

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