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    Gay Male / 47

    There isn't much to say here, I was in a fraternity during my freshman year and I was passed around and three guys fucked me in a row. After I got fucked I became part of the fraternity and joined the in group. The guys fucked and sucked each other and I sucked and fucked too. It is what we did. No one was really one thing or the other, we all liked to suck and we all liked getting fucked so we took turns.

    After college and I was out on my own I missed getting together with my fraternity brothers. I was lonely enough for that kind of sex and I answered an add in a local trash paper that I picked up outside a record store. The add called for a young man with an appetite for adventure. I went to this address, it was an apartment and I was determined so I knocked on the door and this middle aged man answered. He was nice an all and he walked me around, showed me the place, he asked me lots of questions like in a job interview. In the bedroom he had a large mirror on the ceiling and he wanted me to undress for him.

    He tried on these furry cuffs and put me on the bed and tied my hands to the headboard, he got on me and sucked me into an erection and then started to play with my dick with a feather, teasing me. He got a glove on and put his hand under me and stuck his finger in my ass and sucked me until I came. He gave me my first prostate massage. Every week it was something different, he used various ointments, candles, restraints, small whips, he always sucked me but never fucked me or asked me to suck him or fuck him. After a while it was interesting but I got bored and I decided to stop going there.

    My next experience was totally opposite. I met this man again through the adds in the paper and he was an aggressive top who fucked me right out. I liked it and I went back a couple of times, I gave him a couple of blow jobs which I liked and we fucked, but once we had fucked he wanted me to leave.

    The third guy I met was at the apartment complex in the laundry room. He was a salesman for a manufacturing company, he was always dressed nice and he asked me to his apartment and he prepared dinner for me. He came across as being a sophisticate and he was definitely a top and we got along fine. We went out together and became friends and when my lease ran out I moved in with him and we became lovers. I think it was the first time I felt something for my lover. Through him I met other men who were also gay and I became part of the local gay club.

    Time has a way of passing and I am alone again, my old fraternity brothers stay in touch, it is easier now because of email and social media, they have their lives and only one of the other fraternity brothers is gay. I have my group, and from time to time we play but it is not as much fun as it was when I was in the fraternity, but it is still fun to play. I met a guy several weeks ago, he moved in to the condo complex that I live in and he reminds me of my first lover. He is an art dealer and works with special orders for wealthy clients who commission him to buy specific pieces for him, which I find interesting. He must think my job is dull, office manager for a small law firm.

    Maybe we will be friends and more.

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