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    Straight Male / 44

    In my teens, sometime after I started regularly masturbating, I always had the urge to be watched. I used to jack off outside a lot; at the park or wherever I could. I also used to try and intentionally get caught by my parents. My folks weren't prudes, but there was never any regular nudity around my house. My Dad did have a stack of porn tapes and had a subscriptions to Hustler and Penthouse (both of which I'd regularly steal).
    I started sleeping naked, hoping my Mom would wake me up to get ready from school and see my cock, but it never happened. I would occasionally walk around the house totally naked in the middle of the night, too. Again, hoping one of my parents would get up and catch me. Not that I wanted to get in trouble or anything, but I just had this desire to be seen.
    I was 17 when things changed for the better. My Dad decided to remodel their master bathroom, which meant the three of us would share the other bathroom in the house. I had taken to regularly soaking in long baths; I was an active guy, played sports and worked out, and baths always felt so good... and I loved jerking off in there, too. One day, I was relaxing in the tub when my Dad knocked on the door. He claimed he had to go to the bathroom really bad and for me to cover up. I just said it was OK and for him to come in. He quickly made his way to the toilet, unzipped and started pissing. From my angle laying in the tub, there was no hiding what he was holding. He didn't seem to care, I didn't either, its not like I haven't seen guys piss before, and I spent way too much time in locker rooms at that point. I do admit that I noticed my Dad's cock was very similar to my own. We must have great genes! He finished and zipped up, then turned to look at me laying in the tub. I didn't cover up like he asked, and I saw him check me out from head to toe. "You take too many baths," he said, "gonna drown that snake." He laughed a silly laugh. My Dad was a great guy, but not the brightest bulb, but always funny. I chuckled and said "My snake would be fine." I thought he would just leave, but he sat on the edge of the tub and quietly asked, "You jack-off in here, do ya?" I wasn't sure what to say at first, but I just mumbled, "Yeah." Then added, "A lot." with a laugh.
    He looked around the room a bit, I guess he was searching for words. Finally he said, "I used to beat off a lot,too. Still do, but your Mother gets mad about it."
    I didn't know how to reply so I just said something like,"Oh?"
    He smiled and shook his head like it didn't matter. He looked directly at my cock and asked, "Make all of the ladies scream with that thing?" I laughed nervously and answered, "A few." That was kind of a lie, I had been fucking for a couple years now, but never made anyone scream. But he chuckled in return.
    After that he kind of sat there quietly for a minute or so. I wasn't sure what to do, but just the mild sex talk was already making my cock swell up. So, I decided to start playing with it. He wasn't looking at me directly, just kind of staring off into space. A minute or two passed and I was rock hard, slowly stroking my cock with my Dad sitting beside me. When he finally looked down he smiled and said, "Nice." Nothing else, just nice and watched me playing for a little while then he stood up. "I'll let you get to it then." He said and left.
    A few days later, I was in the bath again and he came in; this time without knocking. I was already in full stroke mode and shifted in the water to hide, not knowing who was barging in. He was only wearing his boxers, but I immediately saw his hard cock sticking out of the fly. He closed the door and said, "I thought I'd join you." I didn't say anything, just watched as his hand grabbed his cock and he started jacking off.
    I was dumbfound, but totally turned on. "" was all I could force out as an answer.
    Our little bathroom meeting happened occasionally over the next year, even after the master bathroom was completely remodeled. Sometimes we'd both get in the tub, but it wan't the most comfortable. Sometimes we'd just stand in the bathroom and stroke. It was amazing. We talked about everything from school, to what college I want to attend, to his job, to anything and everything sexual. I told him all about getting blowjobs and who I've fucked. He shared a lot of his adventures and even told me things about him and Mom. I would usually cum first. I loved watching, and especially hearing him cum.
    I was now 18, graduated and I started attending a local university so I could still stay at home. I had a steady girlfriend. Even getting regular pussy, I would still jack-off a lot, and I still had the exhibitionist streak. In fact, it was growing. So, during one of our jack-off sessions, I openly asked my Dad if he would like to watch me and my girlfriend fuck? "I've already mentioned it to her and she's into it." I said. He didn't respond right away, but then he agreed.
    My girlfriend was into it. We were rather wild; fucked everywhere. She once gave me head in front of her friends because they had never done it and wanted to watch. That was hot. So, one weekend, I asked her to stay over and I told my Dad anytime he wanted to watch us, let us know. He said he'd come to my room after my Mom fell asleep. I was so horny and ready for this to happen. I left my door open and me and my girlfriend lay naked on the bed fooling around. She started sucking my cock when I heard the footsteps in the hall. This was going to be awesome! But when I looked up, both my parents were in the doorway. "Oh shit!" I blurted and scrambled for the sheets. The first sounds I remember was my Dad's laugh and my Mom saying "Aw**." I started to say something, but then notice my Dad was naked. My Mom was wearing the same kind of nightgown she always wore, but after a quick look to my Dad, she grabbed it by the hem and lifted it over her head. I had never seen my Mom naked before. I froze, not being able to say anything. I just stared. The silence was broken by my girlfriend who squealed and blurted, "Awesome!". She jumped from the bed and ran to my naked parents. She hugged my Mom and took her hand and led her to the bed. "This is crazy! And awesome!" She squealed again. I was still frozen when my Mom sat on the bed and patted my leg. "Its OK, baby." She said softly. "Your Dad told me all about your fun-time." They both laughed. My Mom then stood up and kissed my Dad, then slowly dropped to her knees and started sucking his cock. I watched, mouth open, this was really happening! My girlfriend returned to my now soft member and started sucking me again.
    Things progressed and soon both my Mom and girlfriend were on the bad, My Dad and I eating their pussies. My Dad stood suddenly leaving my Mom spread on my bed. He placed a hand on my shoulder, "Wanna see the hole you came out of?" He asked with a laugh. I raised my head and watched my Mom play with her pussy. I put my hand on her leg and slowly slid my hand up until my fingers sunk into her wet flesh. I was fingering my Mom!! She moaned a bit, but then my Dad was on the bed, his thigh pinning my arm to her inner leg. I just moved my hand as he pushed the head of his cock inside my Mom. She let out a gasp and I pulled my arm away and watched in awe as my Dad thrust into her. I stood and mounted my girlfriend. Side by side, we fucked, and fucked.
    The four of us did this several times over the next year. My household became an "anything goes" house. My girlfriend and I would fuck anywhere we wanted. Anytime we wanted. My parents did the same. My Dad and I still jerked-off together and a few times, I even masturbated with my Mom. She let me finger her and she would stroke my cock, too. Looking back it was the best time of my life.
    When I was 20, my girlfriend and I split up. I moved to main campus of my college, about 2 hours away from my parents. I met someone new, but I never told her about my sexual adventures at home. We had (and still have) a great sex life. I eventually married her and we moved even further away after I graduated. My parents and I rarely talked about any of the stuff that happened. I did jack-off with my Dad once after I was married. He just added a hot-tub to the house when I was visiting and we walked down memory lane and stroked our cocks. My Dad passed away when I was 26. I miss him. My Mom remarried and became really involved with her church. We never talk about anything sexual, ever.
    I'm 42 now. Still married. Still horny all the time. And now, I have a son of my own. He's only 10, but I can;t help but wonder what the future holds.

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