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    Straight Female / 29

    I work in an adult book/novelty store (AdultMart). I'm not really embarrassed by my job; I love sex and all things sexual. My husband knows, of course, but most everyone else I know thinks I just work in an office somewhere.
    So, I was working one night and who walked in? My Father! Thanks goodness we have cameras everywhere, because I saw him and hid in the back the whole time he was at the store and let my co-worker help him.
    Everyone has a sexual side, and most keep it hidden, so it didn't bother me to see him in there. But I was curious to find out what he bought...and boy was I surprised! It seems my Father has a secret; he watches gay porn and bought butt plugs! He also bought two dildos, though I wonder if they were for my Mom or not.
    I'll probably never know, but I admit I'm really curious about his sex life now.

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    Sounds like you want to suck him. Go ahead

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