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    Straight Male / 29

    I was driving home last week when I passed a man walking with a small dog. He didn't have a coat on and it is winter here. I'm usually not the helping sort, but something compelled me to turn around and ask if the dude needed a ride somewhere. He was in his twenties, goodlooking, obviously hopped up on something, but not annoying like most druggies. He climbed in the car and said he was going to the McDonalds on the other side of town and wait for his friend to get off work and take him home (he lived in the next town over supposedly). The first thing I noticed was that he smelled. And the poor dog was shivering, too. I didn't tell him he stunk, but he did. I don't know why, but I asked if he wanted, he could just come to my place, get warm, get cleaned up and I said I might have some clothes his size. I didn't want to sound belittling. He reluctantly agreed. I doubt he was used to charity.
    We got to my place and he was visibly nervous. I tried not to act super cautious, letting a strange man into my house, but I was. I think I hid it well. Anyway, I showed him the bathroom (my only bathroom was off my bedroom). I said I'd rustle up some clothes while he showered. I was checking in my closet when I heard the shower start and I realized he didn't close the door!! I looked over that way just as he stepped into the shower. This is weird, I thought to myself. I've never been with another man, but I openly admit I enjoy seeing other dicks. Thoughts started to swirl and I felt myself getting more and more horned up.
    I found a shirt, some pants and I had a few new pair of underwear I could offer the guy. He looked about the same size as me. I laid the clothes on the bed and went into the kitchen to make some coffee and see if I had anything decent to eat. I walked back to the bedroom and there he was, standing by the bed in all his glory. I hesitated at the door, but entered casually like I see random naked men with big dicks every day. And his dick I asked if the clothes would be OK and he said yes. Still not even moving to put them on. We stood there awkwardly for a bit and then he asked if I would like him to suck my dick? I flinched and asked "what?" He shuffled around a bit and said usually when normal guys are nice to him, they usually want to fuck around. I told him no and he seemed kind of shocked. I tried to change the subject and said I had some coffee and there's some food if he was hungry. He smiled and said OK.
    I'm not sure what came over me, but I really liked seeing him naked. I mumbled a bit and finally said that he was a hot guy and I liked his dick. I told him I didn't want to do anything, but maybe we could hang out naked for a while. He just shrugged. I said me, too. and he shrugged again. I kicked off my shoes and stripped. He eyed me up and down and even said I had a nice cock. We drank coffee and ate some waffles. I had a full blown hard on by the time I finished eating and he again offered to suck me. I declined but asked he wanted to jerk-off. We watched some porn and had a good time. After we both came and cleaned up, we got dressed and I took him to the McDonalds.

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