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    Gay Male / 50

    Having preferences for sex with other guys created psychological issues for me. I am 60 now, so you can imagine what it must have been like back when I was sixteen and I sucked my friend. He went and told everyone. My father more than my mother cut me off emotionally. After that I had no father. But I was not able to turn off my preferences and I sucked a man who worked at my grandfather's auto dealership. He wasn't mean and he let me suck to my heart's content. He also showed me how good it felt when he played with my penis and he sucked my penis. He also showed me how good it felt when he fucked me. He was nice and he was careful, he knew it was a big step and he fucked me easy, taking his time, letting me enjoy it. And I enjoyed it, I went to see him. Of course that was a long time ago and today you can imagine what the world would do if the same set of circumstances happened. He told me that I was homosexual just like him and that he really liked me and he was sure I was going to grow up and have a good life.

    I am grown up now, I never had a partner in life, just medium term relationships but really no one to share my life with. I became an art teacher, but given that I had my preferences I stayed out of the public school system and taught private art classes and worked at an art supply store. I never got involved with anyone I taught or anyone I worked with. I found my outlets in the underground where homosexuals got together. I suppose in those early years I was promiscuous, I sought out and had sex with many men of all walks of life, men who frequented the underground where the homosexuals lived.

    Today as I say I am grown up, I remember fondly the man I first got together with back in high school. I live alone in a small apartment house and I go to the underground and get together with like minded men who need some company for the evening. I have never lost my preferences, I am very much an oral pleaser and bottom who enjoys to no end having sex with a strong willed man, I do like a man who has one thing on his mind, I work hard to please him and enjoy his company when I have the chance to get together.

    That's my story.

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