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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 29

    My mother's boss always liked me, even way back when I was seven. I sat on his lap and got him aroused. I learned just how to sit on his lap, my back against his chest with his hands around my tummy and my legs hanging off his thighs and my butt digging into his lap. He got hard every time and I sat there digging in and he held me with his hands on my tummy. Whether or not I was having orgasms that early I will probably not ever know but I definitely loved sitting on him and feeling him. I would sit on his lap and my mother would bring him a drink and she would tell me to run along because she needed to talk to him. Getting off his lap always felt bad and sometimes she had to reach for my shoulder to help me go up to my room.

    He had sex with her, after I was sent to bed and she came up to tuck me in, she would tell me that I needed to be nice because Mommy wanted to have some alone time with him, so not to come downstairs and bother them. My mother liked sex, I won't say that at time I understood that, but I did understand that she liked to be with him and many times I caught them when he was kissing her and his hands were always up and down her thighs or up and over her butt, and if she turned in his arms his hands would cup her boob and she covered his hands with hers. She was in love with him and so was I.

    I was thirteen, I remember it very well. He was laying out by the pool at his house and we were over there visiting and I went over to him and I sat down beside him, and then got on top of him and let my legs go around him. He had to get his hand under my crotch to straighten out his hard penis and I humped on him and he held my butt and I felt him shoot his stuff in his bathing suit. It was wet and I could feel the wet under my bare tummy. I got up slowly, still sitting on his legs and his bathing suit had this big wet spot on it. I said something and he put his finger on my lips and pulled me down on him and I hugged him. That day I remember feeling like I was going to have a real orgasm, his penis was rubbing my clit which I had already discovered but he came first.

    After that incident I would go crawl in bed with him and my mother. They were sleeping together almost every night. He still had his house but we hadn't moved in there yet. My mother's bed was a double so when I crawled in I had to get up close to him. My hand held his penis and my crotch rubbed against his hip. I did have orgasms then, real live orgasms and more than once I squeezed an orgasm out of him. I quite hadn't gotten to the point of wanting to go down on him but I was on the way, the urge got stronger and stronger.

    When we moved in with him my mother gave me strict instructions to behave myself, he was her boyfriend and the last thing we needed was some unfortunate accident with me. After the talk she took me to the doctors and I was put on the pill. It wasn't long after that and I had sex with him, complete sex with me on the bottom. I am pretty sure I had an orgasm, things got blurry on me and when I woke up I was cuddled up under his arm.

    Through the rest of my teen years, even after my mother married him, I slept with him. I went downstairs and got in bed with him. He never had sex with me when my mother was there, he usually had sex with me when she was in the shower, so that was on Saturday's and Sunday's in the morning because no one went to work and I didn't go to school. By the time I was grown up and ready for college I was grown up and still in love. College changed me, I was out on my own, I was horny all the time and I slipped and let this guy have sex with me. I told my mom on the phone. She told me to be careful, not only to make sure I stayed on the pill but to be careful because lots of STDs went around campus and to check myself regularly.

    I was over having sex with my now stepfather and he didn't ask for me, he still held my mother by the boobs, still kissed her and ran his hand all over her thighs and butt, still took her behind closed doors, she still woke up naked in bed with him, she still lay in bed with him holding his penis and got her head under the covers for a quick one two suck. These things I witnessed, but never when he got on her to have sex, for all the closeness we had I never once saw him actually have sex with my Mom. But that he did, he did. I could tell because she had a special look and feel about her when she got up the next morning. It would be a long time before I felt what she felt, when I fell in love with my current SO, and I woke up with that feeling of wanting to be nice to him, fix breakfast, make the bed, get in the shower with him.

    My mother and stepfather are both in their fifties and they still have sex, and his hands are still on her boobs and her hands just barely try to cover his hands, she just leans against him and lets him massage her boobs, and I am not sure that she doesn't lose her sense of space and time, she just smiles and looks at something far away. I know what she is feeling, he has magic hands when it comes to massaging your tender parts. I know, I have been in his arms like that.

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    Did he fully penetrate you the first time? Fill you full with his grown up cock? Did it hurt when he popped your cherry?
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    I know what ur sayn, ive had a few 7yo girls fall in love with me. I let them go as far as they liked

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