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    I've never told anyone the complete truth on how I lost my virginity. When I was in the 8th grade my younger sister by 1 year had her best friend over to spend the night. It was still early in the evening when my parents left for their usual Friday night outing telling us they wouldn't be home till after midnight and gave us the number of where they would be and left. This was in the early 70's the days before cable tv or DVDs whoops I mean VHS tapes so we turned on the tv hoping to find something of interest which we didn't.
    We snuck into my dads bar and made these horrible but potent cocktails the ones that had a powder drink mix you just added juice and alcohol. After a two drinks starting our third, my sister suggested we play a game of truth or dare which surprised me. The first dare was to her friend which was to kiss me which I couldn't believe but was happy to oblige. After her kiss it was my turn so in a playful mood I had my sister kiss her which they did quite passionately.
    On my sisters friend turn she hesitated and turned red saying she wanted to see my cock I to was embarrassed because my sister was there but got hard upon the request. I tried to get her to leave but she insisted she stay so I unzipped my pants and pulled it out while my sisters friend Cindy eyed it with what I thought was longing and I got even harder. My sister stated oh my it's so big I turned red I had forgotten for just a sec she was still there. The drinks had loosened us up and my on sisters turn she dared Cindy to show us her breast which were my first I've ever seen up close. Her nipples were hard and my sister pinched them driving me crazy. It was my turn so I dared Cindy to touch my cock which she did instantly, then my sister slurred I want to touch it to and shoved her hand down my pants feeling me up. I was surprised yet so aroused I didn't care that my sister was jerking on me.
    Cindy and my sister suddenly hopped up and ran into the next room, party over they're coming to their senses. Much to my disbelief my sister came back alone and told me that Cindy wanted me to fuck her and she wanted to watch. OMG I can't believe this I wanted to fuck her but my sister watching wasn't something I imagined my first time would include. We went upstairs to my sister room where me and Cindy got naked and climbed on the bed. We started rubbing each other except my cock wouldn't get fully hard, embarrassing. It was having my sister sitting in her chair watching which was freaking me out. I finally told her the only way this would work was she had to leave and she said no way it was her idea and she was watching. She said that she would hide in her closet and peak out which seemed a good idea so into the closet she went and Cindy and I upon the mattress.
    I started sucking her nipples as she stroked my cock getting me Rock hard and she laid back spread her legs and I slid right in her started pumping her steady and slow feeling the sensation of her pussy wrapped around my cock completely forgetting my sister in the closet. Cindy was riding my cock back and forth moaning lightly and then I could hear my sister moaning quietly and could hear the door creaking open slowly. I started pumping Cindy as hard as I could because I knew I had only seconds left and then I exploded in her pussy not worrying about unintended consequences just pure relief I wasn't a virgin anymore.
    I rolled off her and my sister was naked at the end of the bed rubbing her pussy saying "I want some" I was still to ecstatic to be freaking out over her statement and just layed there as my cock melted. Cindy was lying next to me telling my sister how good it felt and that she should try it. The next thing I know she's on the bed asking me to fuck her please. I was against it but only because she was my sister and my cock had gone soft I didn't think I'd get it back up right away. I told her no I'm not hard and Cindy chirped in that she wanted to watch it was only fair. The next thing I knew was my sister taking my cock into her mouth and working it hard. I couldn't believe my sister was doing this it was my first blow job ever by my own sister. My cock was at full attention at no time and she stopped sucking and slid up placing her pussy right over my cock as she guided it into her pussy and started fucking me. What could I say I just laid there enjoying it till I realized I could suck on her titties as she fucked me and took turns tongueing her nipples. Cindy was still on the bed rubbing her clit like a crazy woman telling my sister to make me cum. I felt like a porn star. I then shot my load deep in my sister as she too came. It was incredible. In that second I started to feel so guilty and perverted I hopped up and left the room to clean up and get dressed. I went downstairs to watch tv with them joining me later. The only thing we said that night afterwards was to swear a pact to never ever tell anyone about our game.
    I woke up the next morning and rubbed one out thinking about the night before. I couldn't believe how experienced and bold my sister and her friend were. I didn't realize it at the time but they were no virgins. My dad had been m****ting my sister for years and the same with Cindys dad. I didn't learn this till years later. My dad had sex with Cindy and my sister several times and my sister did the same with Cindys dad and Cindy. They both loved it according to my sister. They had planned on seducing me that night to see if they could. Me and my sister carried on for years till I got married. She and Cindy were quite the sluts. They loved sex like guys did back then. The woman I married had been m****ted by her step father who she hated but he turned her into one nasty fuck machine. The best pussy out there has been thoroughly trained by their daddy.
    I know.

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    Did you ever get Cindy again? Alone or with your sister?

    Is your wife your full service slut? Did her Step-Daddy use all of her holes?

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