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    Straight Male / 19

    i'm naked and wathcing porn and stroking my cock while my mom is sleeping on the couch right now. i hope i cum before she wakes up or i'm in deep trouble. but its so fucking hot. i kind of want to get caught.

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    Then you should and watch her reaction.If it helps you bond with her,have fun.
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    She hasn’t caught me yet. Not stroking anyway. I’ve been a bit more bold lately. Spending more time than usual in just my boxers. Sitting at the table for breakfast and letting my cock slide out of the leg. One Saturday morning plopped on the couch to watch some TV. Just a shirt and boxers. I intentionally hiked my boxers up and let my cock and balls hand out. My mom passed like 9 times, back and forth through the room. I know she was looking. By the time she made her last “drive by” my cock was swelling up. But I got a bit nervous and just went to my room and jerked off. I’m planning on doing it again later today.
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    If she is walking back and forth for NINE times to be able to get a glance of your cock and not telling you to cover it, then SHE wants YOU! You can be bold, but do not ruin it. By that I mean, do not be an ass. You should respect her, but you can be bolder than that. You can let your dick swell up, because it is normal and she knows it.

    If you caught her watching it again, you can glance at your cock, then smile to her and ask her, without covering your cock, that is she watching it. Just don't make her feel uncomfortable.
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    This is an ongoing story it seems. So I got even more bold and let my cock hang out of the fly of my boxers on afternoon. I was semi-hard. Not a full blown boner, but you know. I spent the entire afternoon acting as caaual as I could with my dick out. My mom didn;t say anything, never told me to put it away. She looked at it quite a bit... I plan on doing more later today when she gets home.
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    Finally I found this post again. Lost the address. How things have been continued? It's been two weeks. Have she said anything, or have you said anything? Have you talked about your penis, or penises casually? Have she watched it, and how long have she been staring it the longest? Have you let her watch it? Have you managed to get it full hard when she had been looking at it?

    If your mother don't tell you to put it away, she wants it. She really wants it! Have you seen her facial reactions when she have watched it? If her eyes or mouth open a bit, that is a clear sign she wants it.

    Have she seen your cumstains anywhere? For example, have you got stains on your pants or wet tissues in your trashcan? Does your cum smell enough that she could smell it if you cum for example in the trashbin in your room? That might tell her you are sexually active and if she wants your cock, she might get really horny if she clean or even come to your room?

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