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    Gay Male / 28

    I went to college and ended up with a degree in forestry management. Not what I ever intended to study but between dropped classes and whatnot I ended up with that degree and had to graduate. The placement office got me an interview with a forestry company and I guess I was acceptable enough and I got hired. The pay was not much, and I had to move to up to Oregon where they had a tree growing operation. The town was small, about ten thousand people with a movie theater and a small shopping area, a couple of local cafes and the proverbial fast food places. I rented one side of a duplex complex and started my job on a Monday morning. I was assigned to the forestry management department, an office job keeping records.

    After meeting the small office staff and getting orientation about the activities the office manager, a woman and one of the field superintendents took me to lunch at one of the local cafes. Everyone knows everyone in town and they were locals, they knew the name of the waitress and the waitress knew their name and they introduced me and she was nice, an older lady, but she was nice and called me my name. I was sure she would never forget my name.

    I spent the afternoon getting exposed to the records and the office manager showed me what I needed to do and how to file everything, and what papers I needed to take to her for counter signature. All the office stuff. She also told me that the next two days I would be going with the field superintendent and he was going to show me around the farm and how the farm was laid out, the harvesting and the lumber processing area. We would spend the night at one of the camps, more for experience than anything else. I got my hard hat issued and my steel toed boots which I did not like and company overalls and I was set for the next day.

    On the drive up he was talkative and he probed about my love life. I should have paid more attention but he just went on and on and I had a hard time convincing him that I did not have a girlfriend and in fact I had never had a girlfriend. We got up into the mountain and he pulled over into this turn around on the road and stopped the truck, turned to me and put his hand in my lap and said he thought maybe I liked boys. His hand was hard on my lap, or crotch really and he was grabbing me through the coveralls and he said he was pretty sure I liked boys and he liked boys and we were going to get along fine. He held my crotch for several minutes challenging me to get his hand off but there was no way I could win. I know I was flushed, I could feel it, my heart was beating too fast and my breath was hard and he kept telling me he knew I liked that, he could feel it, he could feel me getting hard under his hand.

    We drove on, I was nervous from them on and didn't want to talk but he talked for both of us. reaching over to grab my crotch as we drove. He asked me when I had sucked my first man and he figured out that I did not have any experience. As we drove into the base camp he told me that I was his boyfriend so to stay away from any of the other guys, they had been out there alone for a couple of weeks and they might want to take me out back. I was introduced to these two men, who obviously looked like they had been out there for several weeks, unshaven and dirty. The superintendent showed me my room in the trailer and he told me he was in the next room and we would be seeing more of each other later that night.

    Everyone ate what was heated up and they talked business, explaining to me from time to time and telling me that I would catch on. After the dishes were cleaned up we went outside for a few minutes before the superintendent pulled me aside and told his buddies we were going to get some rest. He took me into trailer while the two guys watched. There wasn't any ceremony, he started to jerk my clothes off working on getting my coveralls off while he took his off, he told me he had wanted me from the time he saw me, he got naked first and got me naked and he was on my cock with his mouth and hands and then he laid back on the bed and told me to get on his cock. I don't think I sucked him for a minute before he had turned me over on the bed and got on my back and started to fuck me. What he used to slick me up I don't know what it was or where it came from but his finger was sliding in and out of my ass before he got his cock in and fucked me for what felt like a long time.

    For my first time it felt pretty good, in fact it felt really good. He got off and used the pillow case to clean off and threw it to me to clean off and he went back to sucking my cock. After I finally let go he got dressed and went outside and back into the building to talk with his friends. I had been initiated. Whenever he came into town he spent time with me at the duplex. No one said anything, it was a long time later that I learned that he had a reputation and I wasn't the first new hire he initiated. I have moved on and moved to Portland. I have met this guy and that guy over the last several years, but I have my initiation imbedded in my memory. I try not to compare, but I do.

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