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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    Well, I guess I am here because I have something to brag about, I finally gave into temptation and I sucked my first dick. What was it like? Well to be honest it was scary, but at the same time exhilarating. The feeling of his dick in my hand was amazing and the feeling of his dick in my mouth was more amazing. But the feeling of sucking a man was the most amazing, looking up at his white beard and his big belly and his blue eyes looking down at me with his dick in my mouth and my hand. His look said suck and I sucked and incredibly after a lot of work he shot his load and I accomplished my goal. But that wasn't all, he fucked me that evening too.

    But to get back to the beginning, so to speak. I inherited a laptop from the Maintenance Manager at our company when he retired. His was newer than mine and I got it and mine went on down the line to the warehouse. About three months after I got the computer I was rooting around and I found this folder, it had an odd set of characters, for example 123xyz777zzz. Nonsense set of characters. I opened it and there were two subfolders, both were also similarly named. In one I found six jpg files and in the other two video files. In the jpg files they all contained pictures taken with a phone or small camera of a man sucking another man's dick, and one of the pictures had the face of the man doing the sucking, his mouth full, his eyes closed and this look of pure exhilaration. Another had his hand on that hard dick and his ring clearly visible. It was a pictures of the Maintenance Manager. The videos were videos of a man fucking a man, short less than ten seconds each, one showed the man on his all fours and his left hand clearly visible with a ring and the other just his ass being pounded, with that dick. I say that dick because as I got into the pictures and the videos I fell in love with that dick.

    Actually, at the time I had never admitted to myself how much the whole idea of sucking a man's dick called me. I had of course thought about, several times over time, when I saw a dick in a restroom I might think about it while I was watching the movie. And I had spent a good amount of time with gay porn, but it has gotten so formulaic that I can't stand it any more. However these pictures and the two videos were real and I put them on a thumb drive, shredded the pictures on the computer and made the angelic face picture my go to picture on my home computer. If a man can enjoy a dick so much then what was wrong with me feeling like I wanted to suck a dick.

    I had my Dirty Harry moment one night, I woke up and I had a hard on and I was dreaming of sucking this trucker, I was in his cab and I was sucking him and I got so hard that I woke up. I say it was my Dirty Harry moment because I told myself, 'well punk, you going to do it?, or are you going to continue to chicken out?' Well punk, I had my revelation.

    I contacted this man I knew from way back in college, he had been on the police force for twenty years and he was now in business for himself. He had divorced his wife and gone gay and he worked with the LGBT community. His face was known to a whole lot of people. I went to him and I got around to telling him that I had this desire and I needed to prove to myself if it was real or if it was a passing thing. I asked for his help. He was nice enough about it and didn't question me a whole lot, some but not a whole lot and said that maybe I was just fantasizing or projecting but I assured him that I had been struggling with this for a long time. I didn't tell him about the Maintenance Manager which is really what pushed me towards the door.

    He suggested that I hang out with gay guys, go to gay hangouts, he gave me several well known places where gay men hung out and not guys on the make looking for a buck. He also agreed to invite me to a couple of parties so I could mingle and maybe that would either prove it one way or prove it the other way. I went to the parties, only men, and only excops, black and white and brown. They were all buddies and I didn't really break in. The other party had a bigger mix and I had a long talk with a couple of guys. I went to the hang outs he told me about and at one of them I ran into one of the guys I had met at the second party. We talked and I told him I was ready to know and he said well maybe he could help.

    At his place he had a hot tub outside and he got buck naked, a great big man with a harry chest and legs, his dick didn't look all that big considering his size. He encouraged me to get naked and he sized me up and we got in the hot tub and talked and had a glass of white wine. He swam over to me and put his head under water and sucked my dick. He got up and stood on the step and hung his dick in my face and told me to try it and that's how I sucked my first dick. He got big, in my mouth he was big, he hung back and after a couple of minutes he started to thrust with his hips and it was hard to keep his hard dick in my mouth. I had to hold his dick with my hand and he told me not to stop he was going to fuck my face and he was going to fuck my man pussy. I know he was faking it but I was hard and I had his hard dick in my hand and I was sucking his dick and he was thrusting and holding my head with his hand.

    He did blow his top, her jerked back and forth and shot more and more into my face, mouth and hair. He told me I was a good 'boy' and he kissed me on the mouth and settled back into the hot tub and asked me whether I liked it or not. I was still in shock or mesmerized and I said I did but I didn't expect it to be like that. He told me that I was his for the night and my man pussy was next. After eating a sandwich and watching some TV, still naked but dried off we went upstairs to his room and he put on some music and he got on the bed and invited me on to suck him again, he rubbed my back, my butt, my legs and positioned me for him and he lubed me up and told me that it was now or never, and to be aware that once I went that way I was never going to go back.

    The feeling of his dick in my ass was hot and hard and big and it felt like I was stuffed and he slapped my ass from time to time while he got himself up to the task and fucked me in quick jerks until he shot his stuff. He asked me spend the night, which I did. In the morning we had coffee and an English muffin and I went home around ten o'clock. I had sucked a man's dick and I had a man fuck me in the ass. Was it worth it? Would Dirty Harry have been proud? Hell I liked it, much more than I had thought and he was right I went back for more, it just isn't enough to suck his dick, I like that I like that a lot, but I need him to him to fuck me, that is what really makes it a night. That I really like a lot. He is a big man and I take back what I thought that first day, he does not have a small dick, his dick is big enough to fit in my hand and when his dick is in my ass I can attest it is big, bigger than I would have thought.

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    Something to brag about?? Really dude?
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    One of my favorite bisexual, married men is a detective. He is in his late 40's and we've been suck and fuck buddies since we were in our early teens. He is not the only LEO I've had sex with, or we've had sex with.
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    I slept with older boys all throughout my preteens and high school years. I met a girl and got married at 19. When on a training course for two weeks I became the bitch to an older man who was in the same course. It was like I was virgin all over again!
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    You're about the same age I was when I started to suck cock and fuck guys. It was unbelievable and still is. My Older Sister is the only woman I fuck anymore. SCSU has provided me with all the young guys I can handle. A few have been football players, and a lot of band members.

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