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    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    Iâve always had kinky taboo fetishes but over time Iâve added more and more fetish fantasy. I guess what Iâm confessing is my absolute perfect dream sexual encounter. There is a video titled âdeflated whoreâ where a skinny old woman with an extremely wrinkled body fucks a dude. Although most would consider her one of the epitome of ugly, I find her to be one the sexiest women I ever saw. My dream night of passion would be the following:

    Firstly she would have to not bathe for a month. The more body door on her the better. Her would have a large log in her bowels and I would fuck her in her ass. Her shit would coat my cock and I would pull out and she would suck my cock. I would kiss her passionately tasting her shit thatâs more all over her lips and face. She would have a yeast infection and I would plow her cream cheese filled pussy. Also I want her on her period and she would paint my body red and brown with shit and blood. We would end the night my spooning with my crack firmly planted in her ass. I would hold her skinny wrinkled body close to me. Heaven would be repeating that night like Groundhog Day for eternity.

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