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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 26

    I hate my neighbors. They are an older couple about 45 and they are always hitting on my wife. My wife is a 25 year old latina works as a legal secretary. She just laughs it off. Well 3 weeks ago I was out of town and they were at a party at another neighbors house. They were all drinking margaritas. My wife had one drink and she was so loopy. The couple lightly drugged her and easily talked her to go to their house. They spent the next 4hrs having their way with her. Bad part is some photos have surfaced. That is how I found out. I saw my wife in just pantyhose bra and heels on a bed being rubbed by the couple. My wife confessed and confirmed she was drugged and was in shock when she came to and realized what happened.

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    Either call the cops or tell us all the dirty details of what they did to your drugged wife.
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    I divorced my wife Angela because she got into an affair with the retired next door neighbor. She was 33 and he was 67 and spent all day with him while I was at work. I didn't find out until one day the kids told me that they got home from school and she wasn't at home. They went looking for her next door, the back door was unlocked and she was in her underwear. My kids saw their mother half naked with the neighbor. Never mind the whole sick thing about it, she has custody and I have child support because what she did was not considered sufficient reason to deny her custody.
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    A real man would beat the male neighbor to within an inch of his life.
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    If there was a photo with your wife AND both of them, do you suspect a timer or a fourth person in the room? And if there were four, what would keep them from having five, six, ten there to sample your wife's pussy and mouth while she was drugged? Right now, for all you know, half the guys on your block could have given your pretty little wife a test ride and dumped a load in her. Does that infuriate you? Or excite you so much you want to stroke off thinking about her stumbling home with a bunch of anonymous cum trickling down her thighs?
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    All you've done here is relate the story.
    You have not said anything about what you felt.

    And everything depends on that because you are now in charge of this situation.
    You can call the shots.

    You obviously knew that when your wife drinks she loses control.
    So this might have happened in any situation.
    Maybe it has happened before.

    If deep down you can admit to yourself you like what happened then make it work for you.
    Tell your wife how it is going to be and your neighbors what you want.

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    I have read many stories where the wife claims being drugged to cover up what actually happened. If she remembers any part of it, it probably is a thought up excuse.

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