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    Straight Female / 24

    In my social circle I am accused of being a sub, or worse that I am being used. I am 24 and I am with a man of the world, he has been to war, he killed enemy soldiers, he has been with women from far away, he knows how he wants his woman. My friends have never been with a real man, they have a fantasy in their mind, but a real man doesn't want some woman telling him what to do. A real man wants a woman to be a woman, not only in the bedroom but also in the house. If they don't learn how to be real women they are going to end up with some boy.

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    How right you are. It takes a real woman to not only realize that, but also admit it.
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    I'm sorry but I agree with all this. I hate wimpy men. A man can be sweet, funny and kind but if the man isn't dominant and knows what he wants than I'm just not interested.

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