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    Straight Male / 49

    My wife died of cancer when our daughter Mel was 3 years old. Ever sine I've had to be both parents. Ever since she has been very mature. She has perfect grades and behavior. She is the nicest kid. But she is also hyper affectionate. She hugs, kisses and touches everywhere and insists on being touched everywhere. I'd gone years without sex and never dated when Mel was 7 years old and insisted that I needed a massage. I just laid down on our bed and let her have her way with me. I don't know where she got the idea but her hand wandered. I didn't stop her. It felt so good and it had been so long since anyone wanted to touch me like that. Her hands were up inside my underwear and all over my ass. When her tiny fingers slipped down the crack and caressed my balls I almost came just from that.

    Today we live where i****t is legal. Mel is now 22 and we have five children together ranging in age from newborn to 10 years old. They know their Mom is also their sister. Yesterday I caught my ten year old son fingering his mother while he nursed from her tit. I guess what goes around cums around.

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    You all are keepin it in the family.
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    So she had your first child at 12. Huh. Right.

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