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    Coming home from a weekend getaway I was seated between an old man and a 40ish female. My wife was a few rows away, the lady and I started talking. I found out she was coming back froma girls weekend and was still a bit drunk. We talked about her trip and the wild things she did away from her husband. As the flight took off she grabbed my hand, she hated that part and said she was sorry for that. Once in the air the old man feel asleep, my new friend orederd another drink and was getting handsy with me. She took my hand again and said that she needed some relief as thinking of her trip got her horny. She slipped my hand into her yoga pants and let me play with her pussy. I was able to play with her clit and get 1 finger inside her. I wanted to stick a finger in her butt, she said no. After a few minents of fingering her she was able to cum. I took my fingers out and licked them. She gave me her number and soon started to send me nude pics of her. I am hoping to go see her and fuck her this time.

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    liar liar yoga pants not on fire

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