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    Bi-Sexual Female / 48

    My boyfriend loaned me his Polaroid camera and asked me to take pictures of my roommates in their birthday suits. At first they got angry but after seeing a couple of examples everyone got into the mood. We ran out of film and went trough the stack keeping some for us and agreeing on which ones we would give him. We gave him naked crotch pictures, girls kissing naked, ass pictures, laid out waiting naked pictures. We kept the more explicit pictures where we left nothing to the imagination and those where we muffed on each other. That night's Polaroid extravaganza made us all girlfriends and he had the pick of the litter when he needed a girl. Over time he got around to each of us and we had many more Polaroid nights.

    We have kept most of those pictures, many are washed-out but there is no doubt of our commitment to being with him and posing for him. He inherited a condo in Breckenridge and we started to set aside winter and summer weeks to go bare hot tubing with him, letting our hair down and reliving our college love life. Our bodies may no longer be what we were but our inhibitions are gone, a week gives us each a day to renew ourselves with him, and with each other which is equally rewarding. If anything sex today is better than those days when we were figuring out how to give ourselves away.

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