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    Lesbian Female / 21

    I came out with my freshman roommate in college. She is an all American beauty, 5 foot 6 inches, blond and blue eyed, she played various sports in high school including softball, volleyball and lacrosse. She came to college on a softball scholarship. She is a kisser and toucher, she likes to play with my tits, but mostly she likes to lay around and kiss. Kiss in the morning after you wake up, kiss before you go to class, kiss when you get in from class, kiss when sit around and watch tv. I wasn't used to so much kissing, the most I had ever done was pretend kiss at parties.

    When she gave things away was one morning when I was at breakfast in the cafeteria and she came down and snuck her hands under my arms and held me by the boobs and kissed me to say good morning. She didn't think anyone was watching us. That afternoon she told a friend of mine that we were queers and she didn't care who knew. Basically she outed me. Once she decided that she wanted to come out and she dragged me with her. Coming out at school eventually meant that I had to come out at home, no one was surprised and no one was surprised that I was dating my roommate at college, well actually sleeping with her because we were in the same room. My parents had a talk with us, her parents were not so easy, they were shocked even though she had experimented in high school a whole lot more than I ever did.

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    How soon after she arrived as your roommate did she have you naked and licking her pussy? Was it before or after the grope in the cafeteria?

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