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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I was walking around the museum in London to pass the time and got to talking to this guy also passing the time, we left and went and got a beer and while we were at the bar he put his hand on my belly, believe me when I tell you I have a belly. I did not take his hand off, and he did not take his hand off. When we had pretty much exhausted our time at the pub we walked back towards our hotels and I said lets see what happens and I swatted him on the ass with the museum guide I had in my hand. He did not react and at the next street crossing I took his arm and we crossed. At his hotel we sat in the small lobby and I aske him if the rooms were so small you could barely get to the bathroom, he laughed and we went upstairs.

    The room was small and the full size bed took up most of the room and it was on the third floor so the small window was off the street level and a man can give another man a back massage and get close to him from behind and when offered he lay back on the bed so that he could get his feet rubbed and his zipper lowered and his cock sucked. He was a man of girth, not like me. His cock was worth sucking, a girthy cock is always worth sucking, his pants undone and his pants off and his boxer shorts in the way they had to come off and his cock was harder than before and he took off his shirt and undershirt and laid back naked as the day he was borne and I sucked his cock.

    I got undressed and lay beside him and he took my cock in his hand and before he sucked my cock we kissed on the bed. If anything gets me going is kissing, I am a sucker for kissing and nipple play and while he stroked my cock I sucked his nipples and kept his cock hard in my hand. I have never been the one to climb on top, he understood instinctively and I got on my stomach and he stroked his cock thru my butt crack rubbing hard against my hole. I like that, I have a sensitive hole opening, my anus is very sensitive and pressure from a man's cock will get me ready faster than anything else will. He was well prepared for a traveler, he got out some oils and a condom and after a minute he was riding in and out, he said his oils helped him stay hard longer and he did and he finally came.

    I stripped his condom off and sucked his cock. I love a cock covered in cum and if I can I want him to cum again, this time in my mouth and he did. It was a happenstance encounter and it worked, I was definitely looking to find company for the night and so was he, we are both Americans nothing English here, just two guys meeting up on a business trip out of town. What I do out of town is no one's business but mine, I can be the straight laced man at church on Sunday, but out of town I can indulge in my favorite pastime, sucking cock and getting naked with a man.

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