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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Hi. My name is Sarah Jane. I'm 18 years old and I love holding my poo until I'm so desperate I can't hold it any longer.

    I went out for a walk in the park today and the last time I had a poo was five days ago so I was desperate to go. I also had to pee really badly after drinking four mugs of coffee as well as a full litre of orange juice before I left the house. By the time I walked to the park I was bursting to go at both ends and I really had to clench tightly as I walked over to the toilets on the other side of the park. My bladder felt rock hard and I leaked a little urine in my knickers as I approached the toilets. I felt it dribble down my legs as a cramp in my stomach nearly caused me to poo myself and I clenched again as I reached the toilets. I pushed the door but it wouldn't open so I pulled it but it was locked and I was about to go to the toilet in my knickers. Then I saw the sign on the door saying CLOSED FOR REPAIRS and I knew the fight was over. I felt some pee dribbling down my legs and and I was powerless to stop the flow and I just stood there and peed through my knickers and all down my legs. A big puddle formed around my feet as I emptied a full bladder onto the concrete floor and it was a relief but I still had to poo really badly. Now I'd wet myself I was tempted to poo myself as well but I knew it would be messy after holding it for five days. Then I felt another cramp in my stomach and I clenched tightly but my increasingly urgent need to relieve my bowels was too much for me to handle and I relaxed as I moved my feet apart. It was a big solid poo and I had to push to get it to come out but once it started it got easier and over the next five minutes I totally filled my knickers with a huge load. It was such a relief it was almost like I was having an orgasm and by the time I finished my knickers were sagging heavily in my comfort fit jeans. I stank of poo and my jeans were soaking wet so there was no hiding my accident but it was worth it for the shear relief of it.

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