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    Lesbian Female / 25

    A friend of mine and I started to run in the morning and she convinced me to go with her to the gym. She is really into crossfit and the body stuff and is always fit. I went with her a couple of times and I spent most of the time I was there watching her. The second time we were there she had to shower and change because she was going to a job interview so I went into the changing room with her while she showered and dressed. I sat on the bench in front of the lockers and she pulled off her workout clothes and when she took off her top she had on this very tight sports bra on and she released her boobs. She had real boobs, boobs with big nipples and she was standing in front of me totally naked, her tight stomach, totally smooth no pubes, large globes, smiling at me asking me what was wrong. She held my face in both hands and asked me if I approved, she bent over and kissed me and told me that it was all for me all I had to do was ask.

    After she was dressed and we walked to our cars she took a moment and took my hand in hers and she repeated what she had said, she told me to ask, just ask because she spent her days waiting for me to hold her in my arms and tell her I loved her. I told her I did but I had never thought about her like that. She squeezed my hand and told me to think about it, she was all mine and she was there only for the asking. She went to her interview and I went to my job, I was worthless all day.

    That evening she came to my place, she was dressed in casual street clothes, she was not wearing a sports bra and it was the first time I saw her dressed like that. She held her boobs up and told me she saw how I looked at her and she wanted me to enjoy them, to enjoy all of her because she had come to offer herself completely to me. She was explicit and she was totally frank about being a lesbian and she had always been a lesbian and she had been in love with me since we were in college and now she was there to be mine if I wanted to have her. But, she said, but I had to reach for her.

    I couldn't, I was scared right then, of me, of everything, of her, of the whole idea of what she was saying, she didn't let me think, she stood right in front of me, pushing her boobs into me, reaching around and holding my behind and she kept telling me to embrace her and pull her close to me, she pushed her mouth on mine and she told me to just take her and fuck her. In all my life I had never had a girl tell me to fuck her, I didn't even know what that meant, but by then she had pushed me onto my sofa and she said if I didn't fuck her she was going to fuck me, but she was tired of waiting and if she had to drag it out of me she was going to drag it out of me.

    With her breasts in my face and grabbing my clothes and tearing them off, reaching into my pants until I just pushed her away and she fell back on the sofa and swore at me and told me to fuck her again and to stop playing with her. I fell into her arms crying, she stopped being hard like that and she told me we should just go to my room and we would go slow and make love and it would soon be over and I could show her I loved her and she would show me she loved me.

    We did go to my room and she made love to me, that evening I did not make love to her but I did let her kiss me and go down on me, get me naked. It was a very long time before I grabbed her so to speak and fucked her. A long time before I tore her pants off to eat her. I hated her bald pussy, I really did and she grew out this wonderful tuft of pubes that makes her pussy look like it should, I hated her sports bras and she only wears them now to work out, I like her in dresses, I like that she is fit and all but I like long hair on her and I like her to have her nails done, I just don't like the gym look, I never did. I want her to be my girlfriend, emphasis on girl. She likes the gym and I like the spa, I can't help it I prefer for her to make love to me, at least to start, it takes a while before I can work up to making love to her.

    I am just not that kind of girl, I don't like being bossy, I make up my mind if I have to, but I don't like being bossy and I don't like her being bossy either. If someone needs to make the decision I will, I have always been able to make decisions, but I do not like to look bossy or be bossy, it is just not me. I love her, I guess I always did but didn't know it but for me the whole fitness thing is a bit of a turnoff, maybe that is why it took me so long to admit to myself that I had feelings for her. I will watch her workout but I won't, I want to go shopping after her workout if you understand where I am coming from, to buy her something to make her look pretty.

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    Have you licked her asshole yet you fat lesbian bitch ?
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    #1 you would know about assholes, being one yourself!!!
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    I know exactly what you mean. I'm a lesbian and I hate bossy girls or women. I don't want my GF to be the "guy" I love my GF in dresses and soft things too.

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