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    Lesbian Female / 26

    Definitely this is about self discovery, and partly about self acceptance. I am a lesbian, a homosexual woman but I never thought I would say that. I never dreamt in a thousand years that I was a lesbian.

    I got married in college to the right guy. He had the three most important attributes for a husband, he was rich, he came from a well to do family and he had money. I had the right attributes, I was rich, I came from a well to do family and I had money. That is all it takes to get married. On our wedding night, I admit that he was drunk and I was not and he got on me demanding that I give him what he wanted and what happened cannot ever be classified as love making or any other kind of making, I ended up with a bloody nose, torn clothes and a torn and bleeding anus. It was the first time and it was the last time.

    We settled down in our gift house and a year later my kitchen looked like it came out of the gift box, the living room looked like it came out of the gift box, there was plenty of room in the closet in the master bedroom for my clothes and he was happy across the house in the guest room with his electronics and his girlfriends.

    One weekend his girlfriend for the night stayed over. I usually did not meet them, an unwritten rule of sorts, but this time she was there all weekend so we had to talk. She got into my kitchen and started to look for stuff and I watched. She found a frying pan and a spatula and she got into the fridge and took out some eggs and stuff and made an omelet for herself and one for me and we sat down for breakfast. It was eleven o'clock and we were still talking and still unshowered, me in my night clothes and she in her day clothes from the day before. She did not have on a bra, I noticed that, no bra and every time she moved her nipples went around and up and down her blouse, when I stopped talking and stared at her nipples they got hard and my nipples got hard against my night shirt. In all my life I had never gotten completely soaked from just being with someone and talking, I kept staring at her long neck and her hair and her fingers and her arms and well I stared at her until she suggested that we go upstairs and take a shower.

    We went to my bedroom and when we went into my bathroom she took off her top and told me to take off my night shirt and she walked up to me and we compared breasts, she told me she was bi and asked me if I was bi, she helped me step out of my panties and she took off hers and we stood naked on the floor together our breasts touching and she asked me what my favorite game was. I begged off her question, I didn't know what she was talking about and we got the shower going and got in and wet our hair and she took the soap and lathered me up and asked me to do the same. The shower was mostly about touching and several kisses on the lips, on her neck and cheeks, on my forehead and cheeks and again on the lips.

    After drying off she took all the bedclothes off my bed and asked me to lay back on the bed and keep my legs open so she could explore and after exploring with her eyes and fingers she explored with her tongue and mouth and after she had me to into a climax she pulled up beside me and played with my breasts and nipples. When it was my turn she gave me instructions, she had me examine her visually and tactfully before exploring with my mouth and tongue and she kept me there until she climaxed and then had me kiss and toy with her breasts and nipples. Tit for tat, I never knew what tat was until that day.

    The love affair that came out of it has lasted a long time. I am not bi I am a lesbian. She says she is bi but since we have been together she doesn't find any desire to be a with a man. My husband moved on to other girlfriends, some we may see from time to time but others come and go and we never see them. My kitchen is not quite the picture perfect kitchen and my living room is definitely lived in now, my bedroom is a mess and my closet are filled with clothes and shoes, my bed is never empty and my bathroom is filled with women's products and makeup. My girlfriend is very tuned to looking smart and she has expensive tastes. I can afford it, why not I have never spent money on anyone before, she keeps teaching me new games and I never go to bed alone anymore.

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