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    Gay Male / 52

    My introduction into the dark world was gay novels when I was in my teens. Our neighbor was a doctor and he had a son that was several years older than me and he loaned me these gay novels. They were short stories in a sense, you could read them in an hour, they were descriptive novels, paying lots of attention to describing hot cocks and the boys that liked them. Most all those novels were about lost boys and the men that loved them. I read them at night, after I went to bed and I masturbated to them reliving the passages as I masturbated. That was the time I started to make my bed every morning because my sheets were always wet from masturbating the night before.

    One afternoon I was over at my neighbor's house and he told me that he had wanted to read this novel to me and we sat in his room and he read it out loud. He would stop and slowly read the passages of the boy when he first felt the hot cock in his mouth, or he lay on his stomach and felt the heat of the hot cock on his legs before he got fucked. From then on instead of reading the novels myself my neighbor read then to me. My cock was always hard and usually came in my pants. My neighbor would sometimes take his cock out of his pants and stroke it as he read the stories to me and it wasn't long before I was sucking his hot cock and feeling his hot cock against my leg.

    The novel that he used to give me my first fucking was about the boy who worked on a barge in the Amazon and the captain had him sit beside him for dinner and he would masturbate him at the table while the rest of the crew ate and then take him to his cabin where he would get his cock sucked and then lay the cabin boy on his stomach to fuck him. That is how I got fucked that afternoon and I was the cabin boy on that barge in the Amazon. It is indelibly imprinted on my mind.

    I found myself in the military and stationed in Korea. I masturbated in my bunk every night reliving those novels, I had my favorite passages memorized and I had a rag to ejaculate into and only after masturbating did I go to sleep. During my time in Korea I was assigned to the mess hall and it was there that I met an older career sergeant from Puerto Rico that liked young men and I was his go to boy and I sucked and fucked my way through my days in Korea with him. He was uncut and that was novel to me, getting his cock hard and watching it grow out of his foreskin. He was a hard fucker and liked to get his business done quickly and he came quickly so I never left without his load.

    Back home after my service I went to college in my hometown and my neighbor who was working for the city by then introduced me around to the men in town who liked to get together with the young men. He and I would take those old novels that he kept and would sit around naked and read then aloud while I stroked and sucked his cock. I loved his cock, and I loved having him fuck me. For all intents and purposes I was strictly his boy while I went to college. Sometimes we went to these parties, really they were gang bang sex parties with this group of men in town. I met several of the other gay men in town that way as we grew older we had our own little clique to get jobs and loans and in many other ways to open the doors for us. But through it all my neighbor and I were confirmed and we pretty much didn't get around other than at the sex parties.

    I have kept several of those novels and after all these years reading them gets me hard and in the mood to masturbate and relive those days of the dark world of gay sex. I still enjoy masturbating and what better way to get in the mood than to read one of those novels.

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