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    Straight Female / 21

    Car poo

    My name Stacie and I had really bad diarrhoea in my boyfriend's car last night. I felt embarrassed to do it at work and I convinced myself I could hold it until I got home. When my boyfriend picked me up I was desperate to go and I was beginning to wish I'd gone at work because I wasn't sure if I could make it home in time. I told him to put his foot down as I was going to poo myself if he didn't. He said he couldn't do that as there were speed cameras on the dual carriageway and I would have to wait. I told him I couldn't wait and he though for a moment. He said there was a car wash kit in the back of the car and there was a bucket with the kit. I told him I wasn't going to poo in a bucket and he pointed out that it was better than doing it in my knickers and there were some napkins in the glove box to wipe with. He did have a point and as it was dark outside I decided to use the bucket. I placed it in the front footwell and pulled my trousers and knickers down and squatted over the bucket and relaxed. I released a huge amount of semi solid diarrhoea with some pee into the bucket and it was such a relief I didn't care about my boyfriend seeing me. I wiped my bum and dropped the napkins on top of my creation and pulled everything back up feeling so much better but the smell was awful. As soon as we got home I emptied the bucket down the toilet and washed it out with lots of hot water and bleach and I was so glad I'd managed to avoid having an accident in my knickers.

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    Stacie girl, you kill it!

    Best story ever, I totally experienced it with you ððð

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