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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    For the last several years my best friend and I have been bi with each other but only for oral sex. He was always afraid to go any further.

    It started with us just being two curious teenage boys who wanted to know if we liked cock as well as pussy. Turns out we both did. After the first couple times of each of us taking turns filling each others stomachs with cum we became a lot more confident about it and basically turned into each other's cock whores.

    We lived just a few minutes away from each other and were constantly at each other's houses. Sure we did (and still do) normal things like play video games and go bowling and stuff, but around all of that there was our oral sex. Sometimes when our parents were home and we needed relief, we would make an excuse to drive somewhere just so one of us could suck cock.

    We became so horny for each other occasionally that we would even use lunch during school to hide in a closet or restroom and suck each other off.

    Even during all this we still had girlfriends who had no idea what we were doing without them. Sometimes I would drop a girlfriend off at her house after a fuck date and then go pick him up to finish the night off with his cum.

    Well a few days ago he finally broke ice about anal. He has known for a while that I've been interested but he was not. Then he opened up and I think our relationship has leapt into new territory.

    He spent the first 30 minutes of our night fucking my asshole which I have used dildos over the years to enjoy some degree of anal sex. I told him this and told him not to be too gentle, that I want a proper ass fucking. He did not let me down.

    He filled my rear with an enormous load of cum. After a few moments of him catching his breath and me cleaning his cock of all the residual cum, he was ready for his first time.

    I was gentle until his hole loosened up and then shifted gears. I came in his right butt hole in just a few minutes after that and we collapsed together panting and laughing. We loved it and I'm sure it will be a great addition to our friendship.

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    I liked being the bottom for a good very well hung friend in y teenage years. He had a huge dick and one night while we were at his house alone I told him I wouldn't mind getting naked with him and just getting each other off then I told him I liked putting things in my ass ad really want to be fucked if he wanted to try it.
    It took us awhile to really get in to it but after I sucked on his dick a little he sucked mine then we tried to get his huge dick in my ass and it almost went in but it hurt pretty bad and as he was getting very anxious to put it in my ass he couldn't hold back and shot a bunch of cum in the crack of my ass then in the heat of the moment he pushed really hard and his dick went up my ass.
    He fucked me really hard as I was screaming and yelling out in pain and it felt like his dick was up in my stomach and cum was pouring out of my dick as I laid there in my own cum taking his huge dick up my ass getting my rains fucked out with his cum in my ass and all over my nuts and legs
    He was pounding me really hard telling me he liked fucking my ass and said he was going to cum in my ass. The more he talked the hotter I got and I stared begging him t fuck me and give it to me harder and then he came deep in my asshole and kept shoving his huge dick hard up my ass grunting each time e shot is warm cu up my ass telling me to take it all
    Three more times before morning he fucked me and came deep in my ass and twice he fucked me dog style baked up to a mirror and looking between my legs I could actually watch his big fat dick fucking my ass and see his cum ripping out of me as he fucked me. For years after that he fucked me almost every day and sometimes several times a day and his huge dick always felt so damn good balls deep in my ass and he was 10" long and very thick and could cum like crazy.
    Still today I sometimes enjoy using big toys in my ass when I can just thinking about my best friend fucking my ass years ago

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