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    Straight Male / 45

    Holy shit!

    We were vacationing in Cabo. My step daughter who is now 14, and I, took a boat out snorkeling. They make you wear these type of life vests that when you put them on, one of the straps goes between your legs.

    As we are in the water she is in front of me. I look up and she has the strap so tight it's going right up her ass like a fucking thong. Then she spins around and now I can see that the strap is going right in her pussy. It's splitting it in two and moving the fabric of the swimsuit so now I can see one full lip.

    All of this happened in seconds. Not exactly what I thought I was going to see down there.

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    You are a sick twat. People like you should be taken into room and shot. You make me sick. Take this bullshit to another site. I dont want to read your ped o crap.
    9 days ago
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    Sorry bro, there is no other way to say it. In Trump's words, it's not like I grabbed her by the pussy. Since when did stating a fact make someone a perv. You sound like a radical lefty!

    Oh ya and one other thing. Why the hell are you in the family section anyway. You must know what the fuck the topics are...actually in this whole fucking site. I bet you're the sick one. You're probably shoving a corn cob up your butt and jacking off to your daughters friends panties. Or maybe it's your sons friends never known with dudes like you.
    9 days ago
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    We all look at something we shouldn't its human nature, I say it was ok for him to have a good look, she wasn't his real daughter, I am a woman and I know as all women and girls do you know when your showing your vagina, and you get a reaction and enjoyment.
    3 days ago
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    When I visit my friend her son always sits opposite me with shorts on and no underpants on I can see his hard dick I keep looking up the leg of his shorts I know I shouldn't but you cant help it, he knows he is doing it so why shouldn't I look at his cock,
    2 days ago
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    You're right, we can't help but notice things about other people especially when it's out of the ordinary. Now I don't make a habit of checking out both of my daughters asses or whatever, but if they are going out with some friends then I definitely take notice and have said you're not wearing that I can see your (fill in the blank).

    The truth is once a person reaches puberty, they pretty much look like an adult. And, everything works the same. We were that young once. When I was 14, I was turned on by 14 year old pussy (well, all pussy pretty much at that age). Just because I turned 18 one day doesn't mean I shouldn't effected by it in some way.
    2 days ago
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    Parents see there daughters private parts its something that happens in families, I have seen my own daughters private parts by accident, I just noticed them I wasn't turned on at all I have seen both my parents naked it happens, the person who made this post is being unfairly criticised he just bot a glimpse of his daughters privates that's all,
    comments No I & 2 are totally out of order.
    2 days ago

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