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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    When I was 5 years old my parents separated. When I was 7 the divorce was final. When I was 9 my mom met a women who she told me to call Aunt Jenny. A few months later Aunt Jenny moved in with us and became my regular baby sitter.

    It was clear to me from the start that aunt Jenny was subservient and submissive to my mother. It was as though she was obsessed with obeying my Mom. It was also as though she had become my Mom's housewife. I really didn't care though. My Mom was happy, all the time. She had never been happy, at all, when she was married to my Dad. This was a good change for Mom. The fact that Aunt Jenny and Mom were in a lesbian relationship was something I pretended wasn't happening. I just blanked out the fact that they shared a bed though even at 9 I understood what sharing a bed meant.

    One day when I came home from school I found Aunt Jenny naked on her knees on the living room floor with her head bowed and her hands clasped behind her neck. I'd never seen a naked woman before and while I was intrigued by her nudity I was actually more taken aback by her position on her knees. I was not accustomed to seeing adults in such a vulnerable state.

    "Master Alex, I've been very naughty"

    She didn't wait for me to respond

    "I borrowed one of your tighty Whities. It smells soooooo good! I shouldn't have done that. I'm very sorry. I need to be punished. Will you please punish me?"

    That 's when I noticed the array of whips, paddles etc on the coffee table.

    "Please sir? I'll do anything for a good whipping! Anything at all!"

    I just stood there frozen in shock.

    "Please? It's all right sir. You can hurt me as much as you'd like. Please hurt me sir. I need it really badly."

    I put my books and stuff down on the sofa and looked at the implements on the coffee table. I looked at one item with a plastic handle and a loop of jacketed wire about 18 inches long. It looked mean.

    "Anything?" I asked

    "ANYTHING!!" Aunt Jenny said.

    "I can watch anything on TV I want to?"


    "You'll make me anything I want to eat?"

    "Anythin g!"

    &quo t;You'll take me to Disney world?"

    &qu ot;Oh God Anything at all, anything!"

    I picked up the plastic handle with the wire loop and held it in my hand. Nobody had ever given me permission to hurt someone before let alone. The idea intrigued me. I looked at the implement in my hand. I took a firm grip and pondered a target.

    "Show me your tits!"

    I'd never said "tits" out loud in front of a grown up before and only twice before in front of a school mate.

    She turned and arched her back and thrust her tits up towards me and held them out for me to "punish." I took a swing and struck her right tit as hard as I could. I wanted to make that first one count. It counted. she screamed and breathed real heavy and then said "Thank-You so much!" while rubbing herself between the legs.

    "Harder please master!" That' when I really let her have it. I didn't bother counting but she did. She proudly announced "100!" after about five minutes of waling on her now bruised and bleeding tits. Beating her tits was exhilarating. It was also at that moment that I was first conscious of ever having a hard-on that resulted from being aroused.

    "May I thank you for my punishment by sucking your dick Master?"

    It never occurred to me to put my dick in someone's mouth. I'd heard of it but it just never occurred to me that it was a real thing that people really did. I couldn't get my pants off fast enough. Aunt Jenny suggested I take a seat on the sofa. She crawled on the floor over to me and took my dick and balls in her mouth and sucked and licked. That was the most pleasurable sensation in my entire nine and a half years. She sucked and licked me for hours.

    I was in an ecstatic trance and didn't notice my Mom come home. She stood there for a while staring at her "wife" giving me my first ever blow job. I finally came though it was a dry cum. After all I was still only 9 years old.

    "Good, you're done. Let's see them." Mom commanded Aunt Jenny. I was startled but Mom didn't seem to be angry and despite not having been naked in front of my Mom since I was 5 and normally being very modest, it simply didn't occur to me to cover up. I was still basking in the afterglow of my first orgasm. Mom inspected Aunt Jenny's tits admiring my handiwork.

    "Your Aunt Jenny was very naughty. I caught her frigging herself while sniffing a dirty pair of your underwear so I ordered her to offer to let you punish her and I see you did a fabulous job!"

    My erection was still bobbing up and down in front of my Mom and I didn't even care. Mom seemed happy that I was naked. The whole scene was bizarrely surreal.

    "Did she do a good job sucking your dick?" Mom asked.

    I just smiled and nodded.

    "Good! Jenny, take Alex into the bathroom and give him a nice bath. Take your time and make him feel good."

    Aunt Jenny got up and picked me up in her arms and carried me into the bathroom. Normally I would have protested on account of the fact that I was far too old to need someone to give me a bath but the idea of Aunt Jenny touching me everywhere on my naked body was too irresistible. She bathed me everywhere in the most delicious way that included jerking my cock for a while, playing with my balls and fingering my asshole. The entire time she encouraged me to play with her abused tits. When we were done, which took a long time, she rinsed me off, picked me up and towel dried me before leading me naked into my bedroom where she climbed into bed with me, both of us naked and proceeded to lick me everywhere.

    Mom came in to tuck me in while Aunt Jenny was licking my asshole. she acted as though nothing unusual was happening. She kissed me on my forehead and bid me good night before shutting off the lights and closing the door.

    After about an hour or so of licking my naked body like a giant Popsicle She asked if I'd like to become a man now. I had no idea what she meant. She gave me a brief explanation of reproduction, explained that I was too young to get her pregnant and then offered her vagina for me to fuck and told me I needed to practice a lot so I could be an expert at fucking once I was able to squirt sperm. She got into the doggy position, explained where to put my throbbing little dick and then as I got into position she backed her pussy up to my cock and impaled herself on me. It was loose of course. I was tiny compared to an adult but it was still soft and warm and wet and just the idea of doing it made me wish I could cum in her. She somehow managed to grasp my tiny dick with her pussy and worked it until I had my second orgasm. With that she thanked me, called me "Master" again and then curled up against me spooning me with her arms around me.

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    Fiction, but nice.
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    Dream not confession. Lengthy too. Yawn.

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