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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I read a confession on here a while back and have been following the advice...the guy leaves his lace panties out in his hotel rooms when he travels on business. On a trip to NYC last week I came back to my room and found my lace thong on my pillow...alongside another one which wasn't was neatly folded and covered in thick cum. Pity I had to check out the next morning.

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    You are the same twat that wrote the post you are talking about. For the love of god get out of your moms basement, stop fisting your asshole stop eating hamburgers and get a life.
    You are a turd.
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    If you ever actually do something like this you could find yourself on the evening news and in a prison cell. It is weird enough to bring out news reporters and your semen is DNA evidence. Make sure you keep this one as a fantasy.
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    The word EVENING clearly demonstrates you are a conservative. Don't you get it that there are people in the world who actually have sexual gratification? We enjoy kinky stuff...doesn't hurt anyone...we are not violent...we just get off sexually on doing some unconventional stuff.
    You and your wife probably have missionary position sex about once a month...get over yourself and get off this site.
    This guy gets off on lingerie...there is a website w**.xdress.**m there must be enough people like him and me who do...

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