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    Straight Male / 28

    Am 28, straight/curious. I've been married 9 years & we have two small boys. I love my wife & I'm a good dad but late last year my wife & I were having big problems on finances. She took it out on me & was using no sex to punish me. I have a very high sex drive & was used to intercourse most nights at bedtime. I didn't jack off much but I did need that real sex at night. By Thanksgiving, I'd gone 4 weeks without. I was jacking off but that doesn't give me the release I need. I'd never cheated on her. I'd never had any sexual stuff with another guy either. By December, I was horny out of my mind. There were a few Christmas parties. Some with friends & two from work. I went to my work party by myself. Our kids were staying with grandparents & my wife stayed home likely using her dildo that I found she'd hidden.

    I went with a friend to the party & was a little drunk before I left. I was drinking beer & not driving. At the party, someone gave me a drink with vodka & roses lime. I forget what it's called but it's strong. It was another guy that I knew was gay from what co-workers said. He's a really nice guy & I never had problems with gays but I have a hard time knowing who's gay or not unless someone tells me. He talked a lot & I was spending more time with him but I was noticing a woman I work with who has large tits. I was so damn horny ready to just cheat with her but she had a date. That guy kept giving me those drinks & my friend who drove us there wanted to leave while I wanted to stay. The gay guy offered me a ride home which is 45 min drive so I stayed longer. When we finally left, he asked if my wife would be pissed I was drunk & yeah she was going to be. He offered for me to stay at his apartment a while then take me home in morning. I said sure. Got there & we even watched a movie. I was drunk but not so drunk I didn't know what was going on. He has a sofa that opens & he got out a blanket etc. He only has one bedroom. I was set to sleep in his living room. All seemed okay & I figured I'd jack off after he went to bed. I got undressed for bed & used the bathroom. I was stumbling around in semi dark when he turned the bathroom light on for me. My dick was semi hard but I needed to piss. I just stood there over the toilet trying to piss while he stood there at the door saying he didn't want me to fall. He even helped me back to that sofa bed even though I didn't need help.

    He then said he could help me out & make it feel good. I knew then he meant BJ. I told him I'd be okay was just gonna jack off but he said how better it would feel. I said sure do it. He got on that bed between my legs & went down on it. Not only that, he was lifting my legs up some doing something I never had before between my legs. It shocked me but felt so good. He went back & forth from doing something with his tongue to sucking my dick. I kept feeling my dick was going to cum so I kept telling him he better stop. I didn't know if he wan't me to bust a load in his mouth so I was warning him. I knew it was going to be a huge load. He sort of edged on it over a half hour it seemed. I knew I couldn't take it longer so I was saying how he better slow it or it's going to happen. He kept going that time. I started to blow. I could feel the semen literally blowing out in a pulsing way each shot. It was so intense I actually moaned which I never do. He sucked my dick two more times that night & again later morning before he took me home. After that, we started hooking up some. To this day, I go to his apartment once a week. He sucks my dick but he really doesn't care that I don't want to mess with his dick. He even keeps his pants on but I can tell his is hard too. I know it seems selfish but I really only want to get sucked off not mess with other stuff. I am cheating on my wife with a gay guy & yeah it's gay sex to get sucked by a guy but my wife is still mostly pulling the no sex in January. I feel guilty some but I really love how he makes my dick feel. I've never felt anything like it. He works on it like an hour each time then it goes really hard. I'm a little embarrassed that I can't help it but I moan when it starts to cum. Other than that it's really great. He did tell me he doesn't want or expect me to mess with his dick. I think he's telling the truth but I don't understand how that works. I'm just glad it is how it is.

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    Sounds real to me. I've been there before in reality. I'm mostly straight but a gay friend caught me when I was at my highest horny level after a few beers. I let him go down on it. It was the best orgasm I'd ever had. I continued to let him do it a couple times a week. Be sure, they don't want you to mess with their dicks so don't feel guilty. I learned that fast. That type of gay guy is turned on by sucking it off for you. He's getting what he wants as are you. I still see my friend once in a while. I really do love him as a good friend & person. He sucks it off for me & he jerks his off after or during. Those are my best orgasms with no strings or emotional BS. No drama like women have.

    I think a big part of it is the no drama. I'm not gay but like any healthy man, I like getting off. We even hang out before that. I tell him all my problems. He tells me his. It's a male bonding thing for me that ends with my dick being pleasured. As for that other part, he had his tongue up ur ass. I know. My friend does that to mine. It feels amazing. He says toss the salad but it means rim. You & I are just about the same age but I'm not married. I do date but I won't give up those blow jobs I get once in a while. There's nothing wrong with being gay but getting your dick pleasured doesn't mean you're gay or even bi. You simply love how it feels like I do. I say mostly straight but other than getting my dick sucked, I don't want or do anything else that's gay type sex.

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    I'm bisexual. I know that because I love women, loving them, fucking them etc. Love pussy, but fucking love cock too. I got to say that that was one of the hottest confessions I read in a while I came hard when I read it...twice so far.
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    Used to have a teenage neighbor who only wanted to suck me off and nothing else. When my wife discovered us one afternoon, I thought oh well that's that, we're finished. I'm still with my wife, but unfortunately the kid moved with his family not long afterwards. My wife's attitude was, I'm not giving you any, so fuck who you like. So now I am, only its two younger guys that keep me and my cock happy.

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