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    A few nights ago we were making love with her on top. I was holding her close while kissing her. Soon I started touching and playing with her ass. I would get my finders wet with my saliva then insert them. Her body responded positively to both my fingers fucking her and my cock too and she had a small orgasm. I said are you ready for my cock there and she nodded. I turned her over missionary. I lubed her up the best I could with her own pussy juices and my spit and started pushing in. It was amazingly tight and felt very smooth/different from her pussy. After a minute or so of relaxing, I was able to look into her eyes and make love to her anally.

    I knew that I was not going to last long. We have a small vibrator and I asked her to use this so we could try and cum together and we almost pulled it off. I came and as soon as mine was subsiding, she came. Cumming with something in her ass was an entirely different feeling she said.

    And, because I fuck her ass madly like a porn star she said it didn't hurt and we can do it again for sure.

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    Sorry, typing this is making me so horny for her that I can't type. I meant on the last line that I didn't fuck her like a porn star.

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    How is this a confession?
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    I think you're assuming that confessing something has to be something bad. I disagree. My interpretation is it can be anything that I normally wouldn't just blurt out to anyone, or at least anyone that I know. In this case, I'm telling readers that I've made love to my wife in a certain way. In the eyes of many, it could be viewed as bad because its about anal sex so I guess following your interpretation, it would be a confession.

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