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    Lesbian Female / 26

    I have been giving a lot of thought to my title, I guess the best way to describe this is that I am a reluctant lesbian. I never started out to be a lesbian, I never had a crush on girls, I never felt a rush with a girl, I dated boys in high school and college and my dream has always been to get married, settle down and have children. However life gets in the way.

    Let me explain. I took a job in San Francisco, the job is in my field but pays very little considering the cost of living. I am 26 so I should be thankful for my job. I contact a friend of mine from college and ask her if she can put me up for few weeks until I can find a place to live. Sure, come on. She is a flight attendant for a major airline based out of San Francisco and she lives with two other flight attendants in a small two bedroom unit. I got there and she says that after talking about it with her roommates they would prefer if I didn't sleep on the couch, that I should stay with her in her room. Fine, but her room is small and crowded and has one bed. Not to worry, it is only for a couple of weeks and I will move out.

    The first night I am there, after we get ready for bed, my clothes are all in the suitcase because there is literally no where to put them, the bed is so small, she lays beside me and says she thinks that I should know something. She gets closer until she is right on top of me and whispers to me that her roommates are gay, and that she is gay too. If I am not gay that is fine but she thinks I should know. But even if I am not gay, she is going to sleep up against me, touching me from head to foot, and she doesn't stop moving until I put my arm around her and she settles down to sleep.

    Next morning, the two roommates are gone as they had an early morning flight and they got up at three a.m. It is just the two of us, she isn't working until Friday so we have two days together. I am in the small shower and she comes into the bathroom, there is no lock. She gets undressed and stands naked beside the shower and asks me if she can get in because there isn't that much hot water. She doesn't wait for me to answer, she is naked from head to toe, I am naked from head to toe, the shower is so small and she just puts her arms under mine and pulls up close so she can get under the shower head. I have no choice but to put my arms around her back. She takes the soap and starts to lather herself and then to lather me, she just says let me wash your boobs and she is on my boobs, she reached down and to lather me between my legs, that is when I pushed back almost pushing her out of the shower.

    Look, I lived in a dorm with other girls, but I never got felt up in the shower, she wants to 'wash' me, open my legs so she can wash me, she wants to wash my bottom, open my legs so she can put her finger in my crack and wash my bottom, she wants me to wash her between her legs, use my fingers to wash her and then wash her bottom, the shower is pouring down on us, the water is still hot and she puts her arms around my neck and goes for a kiss. I managed to get her arms from around my neck and step out of the shower. Does she quit? No. She calls me back in.

    I don't get it, I tell her that it was totally inappropriate, she sits on her bed totally naked, not a stitch on and tells me that we have two glorious days together. To tell the truth it wasn't until she was laying back on the bed that I really paid attention to her, maybe I was emotional or something but she looked very vulnerable and attractive. I found some clothes in my suitcase and got dressed and she reluctantly got dressed and suggested that we go get some coffee and a Danish at the Starbucks a block away. We are at the Starbucks, she is going on and on about living in San Francisco, she points out that the area we are in is really gay, almost totally gay. Only after a long several minutes do we talk about why I am there and that I need a place of my own. She doesn't know anything about any other area, and no matter what I will need roommates or sublet so why not stay with her.

    That is how I became a lesbian. Living with her, sleeping with her and getting it on with her. She likes physical contact, she likes to kiss and hug and is always holding hands or putting her arm around my waist. She flies and is gone a couple of nights a week, but the rest of the time she is home. My job takes about an hour to get there and an hour and half to get home. When she doesn't fly she takes care of dinner for me. Sometimes we go out with our roommates, but usually we are just there in the apartment together and have our separate lives from our roommates. During the daytime she initiates almost all physical contact, I tend to initiate physical contact at night when we are in bed. I just can't be so forthright in public, it is not in me. She is the only woman I have been intimate with, so I am very sensitive to being in love with her. I do think she is the essence of what a woman should look like, and I like it that she is so uninhibited with me and likes to lay around naked. I am not quite there yet.

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