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    Straight Male / 18

    I have been dreaming about eating my own cum after I masturbate. These dreams are very hot and I want to do it, but when I tasted my cum, it is horrible. That hasn't changed my dreams and desire to do it. How do I get better tasting cum, or is there a way to lean to like it?

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    Eat pineapple and oranges. Lick up your pre-cum. Lick a small amount at a time and slowly build your way up. I have sucked off a few close friends and swallowed their loads but it took me a little longer to swallow my own. I would always say to myself I was going to swallow it after jacking off but would lose the urge once I came but now, I swallow it all the time. I guess I am just a cum junkie!
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    Shoot your cum into a small Tupperware or shot glass and then cover it with the lid or some Saran wrap. Freeze it.

    Next time you are horny take it from the freezer while stroking your cock and you have a few options. Use a spoon to scoop it up and then put in your mouth and let it slowly thaw. This way you are still horny while you drink it.

    You're welcome.
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    CELERY is your answer.
    Cum has a strong odor and taste, however, if you eat one stalk of celery a day the strong (clorox type odor) will go away and the taste will be much better. A bisexual male Urologist is the one who gave me the information (0ver 30 years ago) and it works.
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    Buy a prostate wand and milk your prostate gland (plenty of instructions on line) then you'll be dripping cum way before you orgasm, and believe me, it tastes great when you're really horny. I have done this loads, have something handy to catch the drips tho, you WON'T want to waste a drop.
    With practice you can get a good load out to lick up... When you have done this a few times, you develop a liking for the taste and even after orgasm, you'll want to lick it up and swallow it.
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    I eat my own cum occasionally, and dreamed of sucking a nice cock, and swallowing his cum my whole life, and get so turned on thinking about it. But am so afraid to go out and find a guy to do it with. I wish I could get over my hang ups and just do it.
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    My two cents. I fantasized about eating my cum for years. What got me to make the jump from fantasy to reality was reading some real-life stories about it by one particular man. The kicker is that I had even let one man cum in my mouth a couple times. It was a mental thing tasting my own cum. Then the day came I put my big girl panties on, figuratively speaking, and decided to go through with it. I liked it. It added to the sensuality of the moment. I did it again soon after. And again later. I got to the point where I eat my cum at will. I have found that I get more excited to eat my own cum when I taste my pre-cum while I jack off.
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    Thank you to #3 Jesus my cum smells like clorox. I will try the celery for sure!

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