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    Straight Female / 31

    I am a true lesbian, I am not bisex. I said that so many times. I was on a flight to the frozen north for business. The guy sitting beside me insisted on small talk and like it or not he roped me in. He said the stupidest thing, 'you have pretty hands'. I kept putting my hands in my lap but you can't hide your hands. We got to our destination and we got off the plane together and walked to immigration together and after we were in good old Canada in the freezing weather he suggested that we take one cab to the hotel because he had already gotten me to tell him where I was staying.

    I am an adult, or so I thought. I guessed he was in his mid to late thirties and I was in my early thirties, 30 to be exact. At the hotel we checked in and he asked for my room number and I gave it to him. All the training at work and here I am giving my room number to a man I had just met on the plane. "Meet you in the bar in half an hour" and a peck on the cheek. You change, you can't go down in the same clothes. You put on the clothes you are going to meet your client with. He was there with a table, the place was full because of the weather, he held the chair for me, he commented that he really liked by blouse. He asked what I wanted and he ordered for me. And he took my hand in his and rubbed my hand with his thumb while he talked to me.

    I got cold feet all of a sudden, I needed to tell him that this wasn't going anywhere. I was a lesbian with a girlfriend at home. But he wouldn't let me tell him, he kept touching my hair, and holding my hand and whatever he wanted to talk about it we talked about. He started to hold my ring finger in his hand and telling me how one day I would have a gorgeous diamond ring on my finger and I would make some man very happy. We finished our drink and he suggested we eat in the hotel because of the weather. There I was now, eating dinner with him. I had to text my local office manager that it was ok that we would meet in the morning and not to go out in the weather. I kept telling myself "I am a lesbian, I am a lesbian". He served the wine, he suggested we split desert, we had coffee, the night went on and on and the only time I got away from him was to go the ladies room and freshen up and go back to sit with him.

    The kiss in the hall at my bedroom door went on and on, until I said I wanted him to come in. He was gentle taking my clothes off and he was gentle laying me on the bed. I was for the first time in my life totally nude with a man, his hand going all over my body from my nose to my toes and his kisses on my thighs, my breasts, my chin, my lips. When he got on I opened my legs and I wasn't a lesbian that night. I held my breath for a minute, I was scared, what was I doing? He made love and I tried to make love but I was too emotional and I felt I messed up. He played with my hands afterwards and we fell asleep facing each other.

    I wasn't a very good lesbian, I cheated on my girlfriend, I fell in love with a man I barely knew, I could only see a naked hand until he put a diamond on my ring finger. My girlfriend was my Maid of Honor. Who knew? Not me. I can't type anymore all I do is look at my wedding rings. A whole month has gone by in a flash, I don't even know what I am supposed to do. I'm married. He bought me the most gorgeous diamond ring.

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    i don't understand how you can talk about "oh i don't know how i got married how could this have happened" like you weren't responsible for it

    you have agency

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