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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    From 13-19, I was attracted much more to same sex. I always got crushes on the older boys. I ended up doing favors sometimes for older ones who made me feel safe. I was always the skinny boy. I wasn't a fighter & I was bullied a lot. I was the prime target no matter what because I looked so fragile. I'd given head to four other boys by the time I was 18 & all of them are straight. They only wanted to get off. They did nothing sexually in return. I had low self esteem & hated my body although, everyone outside of school said I looked like a model. Maybe in a lot of clothes, I looked okay but I was the tall, skinny, blond boy. I did have a rather large dick but I'd never got to use it. I loved how some girls were. More than just looks. I mean, that total fem quality only a female has. Even a female who is tough still has that special quality. I had some female friends but one really close friend & I thought I was gay so I told her. She didn't care. We told each other all our deepest secrets. We were hanging out together a lot. We totally loved each other as friends. I would have done anything for her. I know that was true on her side for me too.

    I started to spend a lot more time with my best friend. I was staying at her house some on weekends. Her parents knew I was gay so they figured I was very safe as male friend. No sex was going to happen if we went in her room to watch movies or anything. We talked about sex a lot. She asked me what I was looking for in a guy. What did I think it would be like & would I be bottom or top or what did I think. I wasn't really sure but I had sucked dick before. It was okay but I knew those guys didn't care about me. Maybe it would be a 69 in a relationship. I didn't know for sure. I was sure I wasn't interested in anal sex though. I know it's medically not dirty & the mouth is the dirty area but it wasn't something I figured I'd not be into. My friend had broken up with her BF a while back so there I was five years ago at age 19 staying at her house & we were drinking some. Sneaking some stuff into her room. That night, she asked if she could see my dick. She just wanted to see what it looked like. I was really shy about that. It took a while for her to talk me into pulling my pants down to show her. When I did, she touched it & it went from totally soft to fully hard. I could feel my face getting red since I was embarassed by that. She pulled me on top of her & she took my jeans & underwear all the way off. She took her clothes off too. We didn't say much but I was on top of her & hard. My face was down between her tits while she was holding my dick & aiming it to go inside her. It was the most amazing feeling I'd ever had. I didn't expect that. No lube needed & it was a different type of lube feeling. For some reason, I insticivly started sucking her nipples while I went ahead & thrusted while inside her. I remember her holding my buns & we kissed. She told me she wanted to feel me cum inside her & it was okay to do that. It was safe. She wasn't going to get pregnant.

    We did it four times that night. My dick just kept getting off. Each time it came, it wasn't long before it was fully hard again. I wanted to keep feeling it inside her. The next day, I woke up in her bed but I woke up with this weird feeling I'd never had. I was in love with her. I can't explain how I went from love as in friend only to this other new feeling but it happened. Since that weekend, I've never done it with anyone else & neither has she. We live together now & are going to get married in a year. We have been taking some things slow but we have a lot of sex & I really love her. I'm not in some closet or hiding behihnd her & she knows totally about me. I have noticed females & guys in a sexual way but there's no way I'd cheat on my woman. I love her too much for that. I'm not the skinny boy anymore. I'm rather muscular now & I workout a lot. None of those guys from HS would ever want to mess with me these days. I'm not the guy to bully anymore. I'm also totally cool with gay guys. I'm cool with everyone insofar as I'm not a bigot & I believe in you let people live how they are or need to. So long as no one is harming a kid or anyone else, I say leave things alone.

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    Haha good one. Yeah sliding your cock into a warm slippery vagina has to be hands down the most Sublime physical sensation known to man. And women in general, goddmammit I love em. They make life worth living.
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    Good for you, keep loving her.

    Good luck to both of you.
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    #op. Utter bullshit. #1. They only thing you have ever slid your silly little cock into is your woollen well used wank sock , fact !!

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