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    Straight Male / 43

    My daughter is going on 15 and is "dating" a 15 year old boy. Although, neither of them can drive and they haven't actually been out on a date. She had him over one afternoon just to hangout.

    (not part of the confession but I'm sitting here and I can hear one kid in their room sounds like a fucking cat dying or something)

    We have a finished basement that is divided into three rooms. One big room that is live a TV play area, a bath and a workshop. I was already down in the workshop. My wife was upstairs and the kids came down and flipped the TV on and the workshop door was open slightly.

    After a few minutes my wife yelled down to them that she would be back and I guess they didn't know I was there. I heard something that sounded like "come on, touch it". I went to the door and could see the couch and the kids. His dick was out and her hand was on it and he was telling her how to give him a handjob.

    I wasn't sure how to handle the situation. I figured I was glad that it was just a hand job and nothing more and if it turned into more I would intervene. I few minutes later he said he was about to cum and said don't stop. She said what do you mean then screamed and yelled out wtf.

    I think I'm cool knowing now that this was her first experience with that sort of thing.

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