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    Straight Female / 26

    I have been with my boyfriend for almost 5 years and recently went away on a girls weekend. We have been in a good place for a while now and a lot of petty arguing had almost completely stopped. I had only ever kissed a guy before since we had gotten together and I had felt so guilty about it. But as we were out these guys started hitting on me. I canât help it I love to flirt so I didnât exactly tell them to go away. As I got further into the night myself and the best looking guy found ourselves separated from everyone and buying shots. I eventually told him. I have a bf but he said that was fine and that we were just harmlessly flirting. What he didnât know wouldnât hurt him. Drunkenly I agreeed and we continued to chat. As I got drunker I found my self sat on his knee. His hand on my ass as I stroked his face and hit his ear. It was harmless wasntbit?

    The next thing I know his hand is up my dress massaging military over my thong and Iâm trying my best to ignore it. All the time him reminding me itâs harmless. We havenât done anything yet. A few minutes later I can feel myself soaking wet morning without even knowing in this busy bar. I brush my hand over his leg to feel a huge dick curled up inside his trousers. Thatâs not fair I said to him. He needs out. As soon as I said that he had me up and out that place in seconds. In the taxi Iâm ignoring the driver just nibbling his ear.

    We get back to his and I suddenly realise Iâm not single. I shouldnât be doing this. But he kisses me. As soon as he does I lose it. Moaning and ramming my tongue down his throat. He picks me up and takes me to his bedroom where I immediately drop to my knees. I pull his jeans down and out flips the biggest cock I have ever seen. The size of my head. Thick as my arm. Omg. I say. Lifting it up. Thatâs huge!!

    Now my boyfriend is massive but this guy was something else. I began to try and deep throat it but I just couldnât get it all in. I was choking on it and he was loving it. His loans were turning me on. I was ready to cum. Before I did tho he picked me up and ripped my dress clean off. You wonât need that anymore he says. Sit on my face. I clamber onto him and no sooner have I started to suck his giant cock again I can feel myself about to climax as he eats my pussy. Iâm in heaven. Lose all sense of where I am and begin to scream the house down. Falling off him onto my back shaking. I bet your bf doesnât make you cum like that does he he says as he kisses my tits just fuck me now jack I say as I pull him on top of me. I feel the tip and he slowly begins to slide in I can feel his give cock spreading me. You like the big cock do t you. I dig my nails into his back and bite his neck as he begins to fuck me. Iâm already about to cum my breathing is shallow and he asks if I like it. I scream all over again. Losing it. Writhing about in his bed. He laughs and says you love this girl. I tell him to fuck me doggy my favourite soon as he enters me. Iâm backing onto his cock. Telling him to smack my ass. Heâs constantly reminding me of the cheating slut Iâm being and I donât care. In the moment all I wanted was to cum all over that huge cock again. Fuck me uk screaming. Make me cum again. I feel another building as he sticks his finger in my ass. Something I never really liked but not this time. Iâm morning even louder Iâm gonna cum again jack fuck!!!!! I collapse into the bed. Losing everything Iâm a hot sweaty wet mess. I wanna cum he says. I pull him above so heâs above my chest and start to suck again. He then covers my face and tits with a huge load and I kick up every last drop I can. The best cum from the best xoxo Iâve ever had. We fucked again after and it was just as amazing. I do feel guilty. Not once did he let me forget that I was cheating but I didnât care. I do now but it was worth it. Iâd do it all over again. And sooner less time in the bar next time xx

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    I mainly get to flirt at Louieâs with women that are having ladies night out. They mainly use guys for quince pigs. It is lucky to get sex from most. Thanks for giving.
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    #op. Firstly you say you are 26 yet you appear to have the writing skills of a 6 year old at best.
    I believe this story because if it was made up you would make it more exciting than this pile of boring crap.
    At least it gives the desperate fat slobs that seem to frequent this site something to jerk off to !!
    #1 no one can understand your pointless retarded comment you idiot. WTF is a quince pig ???
    If you had a brain you would be dangerous.
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    #2 "At least it gives the desperate fat slobs that seem to frequent this site"

    Try not to kill us with a laughter. Only fat slob who, not even frequently, but constantly are reading and making comments, is you. You started it when you were caught pretending to be a woman and your whiny post backfired. You were away for couple of days, because few days ago I pointed out how much you are actually spending your time in this site, or did your sick brain already forgot that?

    You are just so stupid that you do not understand that people can see what and when you are doing here!

    Get a job or go to study something, get hobbies, make some friends and for fuck sake, get a life! But before you do anything, get help!
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    #3. Jesus Christ you are weird.
    Still droneing on and on the same bullshit - you are serious in need of help. Please stop stalking me on here. Its not normal behaviour- we all think you are a creep. Just stay in your basement fatty and keep jerking into that sock.

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