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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 33

    Three weeks ao this Friday was when I did it. After 15 years marriage, raising four boys as a stay at home mom, being faithful, everything changed.

    My husband & I married when we were 18 because I was pregnant. I'd never have an abortion. I do love my children more than anything. My husband started college that first year as we lived with his parents. We lived off student loans after that which we are still paying on all these years later but he's an accountant with a masters so we are okay & interest is deductible. I have no college. I stayed at home since I think kids need a parent at home first 10 yrs & we saved on childcare for four. First few years, my husband & I had intercourse most nights. We were both always horny even through pregnancy. In fact, we were having intercourse when a vaginal orgasm helped cause my water to break during my last pregnancy. I gave birth hours later. My husband isn't a large man down there but he knew how to use it. The last two years, we'd gone from most nights to 3 a week to once a week to once a month. I workout & lost weight within a few months after each pregnancy. I've kept my looks so it wasn't from that. I do look good & it's all natural. I've never had anything done other than I do color my hair. These are my tits. Not the biggest but they cause men to look. You men can't help it. You love tits. We women look at you too. I love buns. Anyhow, I was masturbating when sex nearly stopped. I even ordered a dildo toy but I hate it. No dildo can replace a real man. I need that thrusting & holding his buns & feeling ejaculation. I need that penis scent, sounds of the bed & everything. I threw the dildo out. God made men. Men made dildos. There I was spreading my legs for my finger other than once a month. I was about to lose control. There were talks about this & even one argument. I hated that an argument came up about no sex. My husband said he'd just lost urge but wasn't cheating & I was pretty. He went to a doctor since I thought either depression or low T. I wanted to be understanding & if he was ill, I wanted to stand by him. His T is above avg & he's no more depressed than anyone else. He simply doesn't want much sex although I have heard him jerking off in the bathroom so that confused me.

    I'd started part-time work two years back & my boss is a hunk. As I caught him checking my tits out, I was noticing a huge package between his legs where the outline of a mushroom head shows. It's so big it looks hard in his pants. I was masturbating over that. After holidays, first week back to work & then the 4th was here. A Friday this month. I was staying late as was he. We were the only ones left in the office when flirting started. I was wet, he was rock hard fast. His pants came down. His penis really is massive. I gave him a BJ in his office. I couldn't get the whole penis in so I sucked around the head. I do know, most men are sensitive around the head, under it & over that pee hole so that's where my tongue went. As he cried out & said he was going to bust a nut (I loved how he said that),
    & he warned in case I wanted to take my lips off. I sucked faster but kept my tongue securely over his pee hole as if to not allow him to spurt. No matter what I did with my tongue, his ejaculation was spurting & I could feel it blowing all around the tip of my tongue. It was wonderful. He was shaking as I held his butt. I swear he cam for two minutes. It just kept coming out. Afterward, we talked some & he asked if we could go to a restaurant. He told me he wanted me more than BJ but he loved how I did that. We ended up in a hotel & he had my legs spread & my vagina wide open for three more of his ejaculations. I'd never had such intense vaginal orgasms. I yelled louder than women do in porn. I couldn't help it but it was all real. That was our first time. We've done the BJ every work day & he's fucking me on Friday's. It's just hot sex. I do love my husband but I like getting this big penis in me. If my husband would start having sex again, I don't know what I'd do but for now, I have a secret which is with my boss & his big mushroom.


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    Your husband is so lucky to have you - you mushroom riding cum slut whore.
    Ps. Does he put his large penis up your oily loaf of shit pipe ?
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