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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 35

    When I was 15, part of my family was in financial difficulties and we did everything we could to help them. If that wasn't enough, a tornado had destroyed one of their houses and now we needed to give shelter to a part of the family I didn't really know much and only remembered their kids were supposed to be my cousins. This big house that was only for my parents, my sister and I turned very small when these five people arrived. Sleeping arrangements were made so the parents and their youngest were put on the living room floor and my sister and I got one cousin of the same sex each on our beedrooms floor.

    16 years old cousin Danny really got me struck from the first moment I saw him. He had beautiful hair, a very well defined body, a somewhat effeminate looking face and as we both wore only boxers to sleep, I could see he had a big package. I had already discovered my gay side, but never felt so horny for someone like I was feeling for him. I used to masturbate almost every night thinking of how his naked body would look like and how his hot skin would feel against mine and how big his cock could be. I became so horny for him that at one point I couldn't even look at him without fighting against an instant hard-on.

    One cold night I decided to use it as an excuse to try to allure him into doing something with me. I called him into my bed saying we both would get warmer that way and he agreed. His beautiful body was now by my side, his thigh pressing against mine and my cock was exceptionally hard. We ended up sleeping without saying a word and I woke up around 6am. I don't know how we managed to turn around in that small bed, but there I was on my side and the dim morning light allowed me to see he was on his side facing me real close.

    I didn't even had time to admire him before he woke up too. Few seconds went by and then our eyes locked and there in the silence our faces slowly moved towards each other's until our lips touched. He whispered "do you like boys?" and I answered "I like you right now". This was conversation enough and we returned to the wonder of the first kiss, trying to work our tongues into each other's mouth. Minutes went by and I had managed to gather the guts to caress his body, starting on his shoulder and ending over his butt cheek and thigh. He responded doing the same and we were close to reaching for each other's cock, but it was already 7am and we figured he should go back to his sleeping bag and I should get up and prepare for school before someone came by and found us like that.

    The next night started with us gently kissing and caressing again until we couldn't hold it anymore and grabbed each other's cock over our boxers. He surprised and said "wow, that's big", but his was way bigger than mine the way I felt it and I told him that. Then we hatched a plan where all one was willing to do, the other had to do too so we could experiment the same feelings to know what we liked the most. He agreed with the only condition that he'd be the wife and I the husband in every play, even if I'd suck or jerk him off. I kissed his chest and back, grabbed his ass, played with his balls and he loved that as much as I loved when he did it all to me.

    The bed didn't have that much space, so he got on his feet in front of me while I was sitting on my bed and took his boxers off. His balls were huge and his cock was big and fat, drooling heavily while I looked at it in awe. I finally put my hands and mouth on it and he loved every second, telling me how good he was feeling and how much more harder that was making him. When I kissed and licked his balls, he locked my head against it and said that was the best thing he had ever felt in his life. My time came and he sucked me and kissed my balls while holding my waist. I locked his head with my cock deep in his throat and said THAT was the best thing I had felt in my life.

    This happened daily for the next three months. We agreed that anal was out of the question because we didn't know how to do it and couldn't ask anyone or search the Internet without asking permission to my parents and under their supervision. Oral and dry sex was our every night activity and we had a system: whoever came on the other's ass while dry humping had to swallow the other's cum. Needless to say, we both made our best efforts to make the other cum on our ass because having our cum swallowed felt so damn amazing. It all sadly ended when my relatives' house was rebuilt and they left.

    I only heard of Danny again during a dinner when I was 32 and was visiting my parents. "Do you remember cousin Danny?", my mother asked. My cock got hard instantly under the table from all the memories that jumped in my mind. "Well, turns out that he is now a she and goes by the name of Dannielle. His mother was so sad to find out, because he never gave any signs of not being normal." I had to stop my mother and correct her about the "normal" part, but old people never learn. "He was normal when he came to stay with us that time, I even thought he had the hots for your sister". Well, mother would be really disappointed if she only knew.

    All those memories stirred on my mind and I had to look for Dannielle now. I decided I'd go on a little 3 hour road trip to visit her family, even though I never had any interest of knowing them better or how they were doing before. I rang their bell and the mother opened the door. They were happy to see me and I lied I was passing by on a work related trip. I also pretended not to know what was going on and asked about Danny, to what the father asnwered "we know no Danny since he decided he was a faggot and began to dress in them girl clothes". Well, now I knew where my mother got her prejudice. I turned to the mother and she was willing to talk more, even telling me that she heard "Danny" was staying in a nearby motel on the interstate.

    I decided to resume my "work trip"and began to check motels nearby. The third one was it. "A guy dressed in girl clothes signed in under the name of Dannielle, room 3C", said the clerk. I also began to realize how prejudiced southern folks were. I knock at the door and this beautiful woman opens it. I could see Danny's features under the make up and his girly ways and clothes just turned me on. If not for the fact that she immediately hugged me and started to cry, things would've gotten extremely hot right then and there. But I calmed her down and we talked a while about the difficulties of being a trans person nowadays and how prejudice was coming at her from everywhere.

    At night I drove her to a hotel in a bigger city about two hours from where we were and asked for dinner in the room. After dinnet and a bath, she came back wearing this beautiful red dress and stopped in front of me, asking "how do I look?". I told her she was stunning and she confessed "I have a huge hard-on in my panties right now". I held her in my arms and kissed her sweet lips, tasting the same exciting flavour I remembered from our teenage sessions. My hands explored her new body and loved what they found. She had recently started HRT so her titties were small but very sensitive. I loved it even more when I reached for her big balls and huge hard-on pressing against her panties. I set it free and and felt up its big head, hearing her moan in pleasure. I kneal down to suck her and it feels amazing in my mouth until her cum exploded in it and she held my head so I'd have to swallow it all. I cum as fast and heavy as she when it's my time to get sucked off.

    Even then our cocks didn't seem to go soft. "You know, there's something we never did back then...", she says, and I immediately reply "yeah, come here and let me fuck your ass, honey". She lays belly down on the bed and lets me drive my cock in her ass anyway I want. I've never felt such a tight hole before and every inch I went in made my cock harden a little bit more while she moaned loudly and sometimes said things like "oh, how I wanted you in me back then". As my cum squirted out deep in her ass, I whispered in her ear "I've bern wanting to make you my pregnant wife for so long..."

    Aft er a few minutes of hugging and kissing, she says "well, it's my turn now, ain't it?" I was surprised. "What? Did you think a girl can't fuck ass?" It wasn't that, I just thought Dannielle would be 100% bottom since Danny loved to be the girl back then. "I kinda am mostly bottom, but it's you... We always wanted to fuck each other, so if you wanna be with me get ready to get your ass fucked every time we fuck, hubby." I had done anal before and loved it, so it wouldn't be a problem, but I was wishing I had wait for this moment, if I only knew it'd happen. I always wanted Danny to be the first, it was just fair that Dannielle did it then, but oh well..

    I turn to lay on my belly. "Nah-huh, hubby! I want you to sit on my cock, I want to see your face as I go in your ass, you fucker." When her big mushroom cockhead went all in, my cock hardened like never before and she released a deep sigh. We were in love. I had never asked her or Danny about sizes, but I needed to know that right then. "9 inches and it's all buried in your sweet ass". Wow, and I thought my 8 inches were big! She fucks me in various positions until I end on my back and she's holding my legs and fucking deep. Every deep thrust from her make me roll my eyes and make her grunt. "I'm ripping your ass apart, fucker, yes I am!" She knows how to hit my spot. "Call me Danny while I cum, pleaaaaa..." Dannielle was fucking me, but Danny wanted to cum in me for the first time. That took me over the edge and I came hands free over my belly. She leaned and kissed me until our cocks softened and we fell asleep hugging totally naked in bed.

    The next morning we showered, got some breakfast and I took her to my house. We've been living together since then and don't plan to tell our prejudiced families. Dannielle now has 34D tits and a big ass that fits perfectly with her rock hard 9 inches cock and big balls. We are planning to move overseas and see what happens. And yes, she is jerking her big cock by my side while I write this.

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