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    Straight Female / 26

    When Iâm horny, I want to fuck every man I see that strikes me as attractive in any way. I especially like older men and like, lumberjack type men. I know not every man I see wants to fuck me in return, but I wish they did and I try to make them want me. I hold myself back because Iâm married to a lovely older man and I donât ever want to cheat on him, but little does he know every time his friend or brother comes over Iâm fantasizing about threesomes or gangbanging. I also try to hold myself back from being flirtatious because my husband is very jealous of me, but when Iâm horny I low key flirt with everyone. Sometimes I go to church in short dresses because I like to feel the married menâs eyes on me. I feel bad for my husband because my horny spells last for up to weeks at a time and itâs hard for him to keep me satisfied because I want to go round after round. And even then my need for sexual attention isnât always satisfied. I never want to cheat on him but Iâm young and frisky and heâs not either of those things so I donât know what our future holds if I never have an outlet for all my sexual energy which seems to be getting stronger as I get older.

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    I'm a newlywed and love wearing short skirts and lace panties. I like showing my panties whenever I can. On buses, subway and even when out with my husband whose jealousy is profoundly sexy. I pretend that I don't know they're showing and they even get wet from the excitement.
    I made a mistake flashing them to some homeless guys in the park. I walked across the railroad overpass walkway as they ogled my pretty in pink lace panties. I sat on the bench across from them legs tightly together. I relaxed them as I read the fashion magazine, slowly parting my legs panties in view they drooled in excitement. I fantasized about being taken and it must of been obvious. Lightly pink satin darkening as they went from moist to wet. Next thing I was being dragged into the nearby overgrowth and being penetrated by what was something huge. I was fucked repeatedly and left torn, soiled by their semen. Oh, I got what I asked for!

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