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    Lesbian Female / 30

    I am 30, just turned 30, and I am a gay woman. I am an artist and my stuff sells. I have an outlet for some of my work via a modern art studio and that is where I met this man who is sponsoring my work. All that is fine but he is not tolerant of me being gay. I have accepted help from him but now I find that I am in a world that he wants to control, and me being gay is not allowed. He insists on having sex with me, he likes the housewife thing, I have an art studio on the second floor of his house but I have to live the housewife role and give him housewife sex.

    He likes me in dresses and with my hair short and curly, he likes me cooking for him, I cook for him everyday and he likes me sitting with him and reading while he reads. He does not like my tattoos. I get lots of pressure to give up my gay friends, to be straight as an arrow. I have produced a lot of work since I moved in with him and I have extended myself way past what was my comfort zone and my work is selling for a good price, much more than I was ever able to command before. He hooked me up with a gallery in New York and he has taken me there four times for exhibitions, always in dresses and short curly hair, that has become my look now. He likes me in flats, not heels and he puts me in very select pieces. I never wore jewelry before.

    A friend of mine, gay like me says that maybe keeping me tied down like this is letting me produce more, I have produced my best work since moving in with him. I don't know, all I know that it is frustrating, sex is weird, really weird for me, I feel I am the child in the relationship, like a seven year old with her dad. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, please hold me Daddy. Hold me tight Daddy. I love you Daddy, hold me Daddy. God I don't know what has happened to me.

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    For gods sake get a grip.
    Stop being a doormat. If you are good at art you should not need this turd.
    Get out of the situations you are in .
    Ps. Do you like it up the shitbox ? Just a thought !!

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