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    Straight Female / 28

    I didnât share with my husband how sexually active I was in high school. I actually had sex with 3 guys before I meet and married. My first was a neighbors son two houses down. We grew up together and never really considered us to be a couple. We really werenât friendly while growing up. In our young teen range we started being nice to me on our bus ride home. His parents get home from work late so we have the house to ourselves. He invited me over one day and we experimented with each otherâs body. We started having sex often. My neighbor and I both had other relationships in high school. My second was an older athlete that really was difficult. We had sex but he liked himself to much so I ended it. My third seemed to like me but very immature. I couldnât deal with his jealousy so we ended. Our senior year my neighbor got serious with a girl so we ended our get together. I was lucky I never got pregnant. The 3 were good to pull out or use a condom. I meet my husband at college. Our second date we had sex. We really fell in love. He got slow to pull out so I got pregnant. He orgasms so hard he loses control. We now have 2 sons and both work. I told him about one former boyfriend in high school but not the others. Iâm guessing I had sex 100 times before I married. My cheating heart is still in my heart. I work with men and our hangouts with acquaintances I crave sex with other men. My husband still satisfies me well but I crave different men. Iâm guessing all women do this. My husband has had a vasectomy so sex with others would ruin my life. Womenâs ultimate is feeling a man climax inside her.

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    Keep it in your heart. I heated on my husband and the married man wonât quit wanting me.
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    You can meet me if you like we can both have some fun
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    Go get a paid massage. Enjoy and keep it in your heart. It works for me.
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    I lost my virginity in 8th grade. I was cursed by being attractive to the point of beautiful and had boys trying to get in my pants since 6th grade. I had sex with precocious teenagers all through 8th grade and into high school, a lot of it unprotected too. My best friend's sister got me the pill at thirteen so her boyfriend who was actually a man in his 30's could have a taste. I slept with both men and boys till I met my now husband who thinks he's the first. I still have a little side action.
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    Similar sorry here. I got married ,had kids and returned to college in my late 20âs. I return home fucked on many school days
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    God damn reply 4, u r absolutly amazing

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