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    Straight Male / 50

    I've always dreamed of licking a woman's ass while she rides another mans cock. I want to be right there inhaling the scent of hot wet pussy, and a mans cock and cum while I lick away blissfully. And when they finish, I'll clean them both.

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    Can't say I dreamed of licking a girl's ass while she was being fucked by someone else, but I dreamed of licking a girl's ass. Time came when I had this girl with me, she was an apprentice plumber of all things, not real pretty but nice and a bit thick, she just happened to be nice. I fucked her, not that I was ever going to have anything going on with her, but I did take her out and fucked her. We got up in the morning and we got in the shower together, and there was lots of her to hug and wash and I washed her pussy in return for her washing my dick. I reached around and told her I wanted to wash her asshole, she wasn't all that keen on having me finger and wash her asshole but she let me leaning against the shower wall. If you can get steamy in the shower things got steamy, I got an erection from it and I told her I wanted her to let me lick her asshole. Boy, it was erotic, she was far more sensitive than she thought, she let me lick for a good long minute leaning against the wall and I stood up and rubbed her asshole with my dick and asked her if she wanted me to go for it and we did.

    What a night if I can plagiarize from the song, great night fucking, great night out and what a great way to start the day. She became my go to girl, she is open to titty play, for ass play and for pussy play, and I love licking her asshole, probably gives me the best hard dick experience you can ask for.

    Thanks for letting me tell my story about this.
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    I've done all of that and it's great, Licking a woman's was as she gets fucked by a hard cock then licking them both after they have cum I love the taste of them both in my mouth her wet cum leaking pussy and his wet shiny pussy juice covered cock is very hot with his fun still dripping out of him, I've even lubed a guys cock up with my mouth before he has fucked a woman as she watched fingering herself women love watching a man sucking cock.

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