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    My school was small and if you were one of the rich kids you went one way and the rest of us went the other way. About me, I was not one of the rich kids but I was one of the straight A kids and that put me into some of the advanced classes with the rich kids. I did better than most and one of the girl kids who was in my advanced Latin class was not going to pass and she asked me to tutor her. It was then that I actually went into the house of the one of the rich kids. Her father was the dentist in town and she had sisters, no brothers, and each sister had her own room, and she and one sister shared a bathroom, and they had a media room and a living room and a dining room and a breakfast room and a garage for four cars and paintings on the wall a swimming pool and tennis courts and her mother didn't work and her sisters and she were in all sorts of clubs and after school activities and she had perfect hair and nails and clothes. To a girl who lived in the Sunny Side Apartments with a single mother that worked as the manager for the Sunny Side Cleaners and used food stamps and had never been to college it was too much for me.

    I won't say I was jealous, I was upset, how could she have so much and how come we didn't have anything. How could she have a car of her own and how come we had to use public transportation, I didn't know how to drive and I was a senior in High School. How could she talk about going to Italy and I never went down to D.C. How could she be so pretty and I wasn't. But I got straight As and I was there to tutor her in Latin even if I didn't get paid. I couldn't sit beside her, I got nervous, I kept staring at her, I lost my train of thought, I said things to her. She stopped me and asked me if I was hitting on her. She stops and looks at me and accuses me of liking pussy. By the end of the next day it is all over the school that I hit on her and that I liked pussy. I got a note stuffed into my backpack that said "Lick my Pussy Bitch".

    I didn't go back to her house, I graduated and went onto State with a scholarship and I didn't see them again. All I had left from my High School days was the stupid note, "Lick my Pussy Bitch". In my senior year of college I ran into her at the mall. She was just as pretty, a little bigger, she was going to Mount Holyoke in Massachusetts. She walked past me and then turned and came back and apologized for having been such an ass when we were in High School. I told her she was an ass, but then again she had always been an ass like all her friends and her sisters who were as big an ass as she was. The conversation stopped and we both went our ways.

    I was leaving the mall and she met me at the door and said she wanted to talk and not to push her away. So we went to the food court and talked. Anger and more anger but sitting with her I was overwhelmed and she talked and I listened and it was like that afternoon at her house. I wasn't listening, she had my hand in hers and she said in short statements "I am making a pass at you, will you go out with me". At Mount Holyoke there were lots of girls who were dating but not at State and I didn't know what to say. But we went out that night, we went to eat and then we went for a walk along the river.

    That night I found out that she had been put up to it by her friends and she had left the note, I found out that she wanted me to lick her pussy, she told me that she had a girlfriend at Mount Holyoke and all but she wanted to make sure that I wasn't the one because she had never stopped thinking about me. That night I liked her pussy. She has a pretty pussy, everything about her is pretty, even her pussy is pretty and she has pretty tits too. To the many guys that had crushes on her she is a total waste, she likes pussy. I had a couple of girlfriends since I got to college but nothing serious, but licking her pussy was different. I gave her my pussy to lick and then we agreed to stay in touch and see each other when we were home for the Holidays.

    Over the Holidays we licked pussy, it seems that is all we did. I went to her house again and this time I wasn't so overwhelmed, I took her to my house to meet my mother and she was overwhelmed, she had never been in a two bedroom apartment at Sunny Side. But at her house she had her own room and we went into her room and licked pussy. We got around to sucking tits, and kissing and fingering and all but we spent most of the Holidays licking pussy. Before she went back to school she put her panties in my purse and tole me to save them for her and invited me up to Mount Holyoke for a weekend to see where she was at school. She also told me that she had broken up with her girlfriend.

    Rich girls are much prettier than poor girls, and rich girls smell better. Just saying because the girl I dated was poor like me and I would never have laid on the bed at her feet licking her pussy. Finger her yes, suck her tits yes, but spend an afternoon licking pussy no.

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    What makes a rich girl pussy smell better than an ordinary c**t?

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